The Sims 3 Island Paradise

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Releasedate: 25 june 2013 (US)

New adventures await your Sims on the sunny shores and beneath the glistening water of an island paradise! From exploring the tropical isles to creating a five-star resort experience, your Sims can decide to embark on an unforgettable journey or make themselves a new home in this new utopia. Nautical Sims can even take the helm of fully customizable houseboats and set sail between islands! If your Sims would rather be in the water than on it, they can snorkel and scuba dive their way through the ocean. Who knows, they might uncover sunken treasure or befriend a mermaid! With innovative features never before seen in The Sims PC franchise and a world of new possibilities on land and in sea, your Sims will reap the benefits of their own island paradise.
Island adventures in paradise await your Sims! From exploring the isles in fully customizable houseboats to creating a five-star resort experience, your Sims will love the carefree tropical lifestyle. Nautical Sims can set sail between islands and dive underwater to uncover sunken treasure—or maybe even befriend a mermaid! With innovative features never before seen in The Sims PC franchise and a world of new possibilities on land and in sea, your Sims will reap the benefits of their own island paradise.

Set sail for adventure.
Be it by paddleboat or speedboat, your Sims can now leave port to discover new lands and explore like never before, from inter-island travel to discovering their own uncharted island. Landlubbers need not apply!

Build and run a five-star resort.
Create a family-friendly resort of waterslides and buffet tables, a romantic retreat dotted with minimalist cottages, or a singles resort featuring multiple pool bars where Sims can mingle and flirt. Choose and fine-tune your amenities, set your prices, and wait for the reviews—and Simoleons—to pour in. The higher your star rating, the more popular your resort will be!

Life is a beach.
See what surprises await under the sea as your Sims build their skills in snorkeling/scuba diving. Your Sims may find themselves on the shore of a new island or discover sunken or buried treasure.

Boat sweet boat.
Whether your Sims love the water or are just prone to wanderlust, a houseboat may be the perfect abode. Houseboats are fully customizable and can be moored at any open port, so if your Sims tire of the view, relocate to a new locale!



The Sims 3 Island Paradise Limited Edition

The Sims™ 3 Island Paradise LIMITED EDITION includes the exclusive Island Survival Pack.
More Limited Edition content than ever before – packed full of clothing, furniture, and décor options that will allow you to extend the way you play with your own island paradise.







Would it be too late to add the ability to make our own houseboat hull shapes, like placing floor tiles?
SimGuruGraham: With the way houseboats work that simply won’t be possible. They’re pre-defined object models with floor tiles making the actual deck. We need set sizes to be able to have the houseboats route, turn, and dock properly.

How big is the biggest house boat? 64×64 ?
SimGuruGraham: Can’t share final sizes, but not that large. They have to fit within a port.

Will Houseboats work in other worlds?
SimGuruGraham: Yes they will! You’ll just need to build a port for them on the ocean water level.

In IP will there be pre-made ports in the lot bin/library to place in other worlds?
SimGuruGraham: Probably not ports, they really need to be built to work with wherever they’re placed. The plan is to include pre-built houseboats in the bin though.

SimGuruGraham: Absolutely. The houseboats are fully buildable like your home; they just also motor around on the water!

will kids/babies be allowed to live on house boats as well? (With an adult, of course)
SimGuruGraham: They sure can. Just think of them as a mobile version of your current Sim’s home. Can’t go into the nitty gritty beyond that; but I’ll talk all about them when we start divulging more!

SimGuruGraham: Houseboats are too big to be contained within a single blueprint, but the plan is to make some available in the residential lot bin.

With the new house boats in island paradise, how do you receive your mail?
SimGuruGraham: Mailman takes a boat to you if you’re not docked.

is it possible to crash your houseboat?
SimGuruGraham: Nope, smooth sailing.

SimGuruGraham: You can have your home lot on land, and then also own a houseboat as your private lot. Ports are community lots that aren’t owned by anyone, so you can move your houseboat freely between them

Can we own a regular house and a houseboat at the same time?
SimGuruRyan: Of course! Add a private island and resort too!

SimGuruGraham: The game comes with lots of pre-built houseboats though!

SimGuruGraham: Curved houseboat hulls were a late addition; fan feedback matters to us =)

I was wondering in IP if you put a window in a houseboats basement if you can see water outside?
SimGuruGraham: Houseboat basements are similar to land basements – aka, you’re not going to actually see the ocean floor around them. That said, we’re simulating a water effect around houseboat basements so that they’ll still feel underwater.


does Island Paradise see the return of hotels?
SimGuruGraham: Yup, hotels/resorts are in #TS3IslandParadise. You can choose to stay at one or own and run your very own. Much more info coming on those in the future!

are the hotels in your world? Or do you have to travel to something like Bon Voyage in #TS2
SimGuruGraham: Resorts will be within your own world, no loading necessary.

Question do you think resorts can be made into cruise liners is you can incorporate that into this EP that would be lovely
SimGuruGraham: Can’t get into many details on that, but you’re not going to see any boats the size of a typical cruise liner.

SimGuruMike: There will be 3 premade resorts to choose from when you launch our new world.

SimGuruRyan: 2 ways 2 start managing a resort 1)Buy an existing resort or 2) Buy a lot, convert it to a Resort Lot type, and build your own!

SimGuruMike: Unfortunately resorts will not work in WA and university worlds. We found the management aspect to b best in home worlds only.

SimGuruGraham: Sorry, but no. The resorts are only buildable on the home worlds that you can select from the main menu

If your Sim runs a resort, do they live their or have a house?
SimGuruMike: Yes you will still have your own house. Think of a resort as a business you own. It just so happens that you can sleep there.

SimGuruMike: Yes you will be able to manage multiple resorts.

if we own a private lot and house, could we swap to make our private lot our main home? 🙂
SimGuruMike: Yep you can choose a private lot to be your main house but it will move your entire household there and turn the old lot into a private lot.

SimGuruGraham: You can have multiple private lots 🙂 If I recall correctly we didn’t put any limit on the number of private lots you can own. Go nuts!

will a perfect resort always need the same objects or can you get an x star resort without a pool or bar?

SimGuruMike: If by “perfect” you mean a 5-star resort then yes. However it will likely be more difficult to do so as we give you a good amount of “bonus” for pools. The backend calculation for resorts is based on variety and quantity. Quantity for most objects is based on occupancy as well. For example as your resort grows your guests will start asking you to provide more pool bars. There are other things that affect your rating as well such as decor and lot location.

The feedback is directly tied to the “reviews” so it’s always a good place to look to see how to achieve that next star.

SimGuruGraham: Sure – reviews come from other Sims who stay at your resort. They aren’t written by other players. Yes, we gave them new names that look like something people might use online 🙂 The reviews give important feedback on what the Sims want you to do to improve your resort.

SimGuruRyan: Resrorts require a Resort Tower rabbithole, but you’re free to create as many additional private rooms as you please!

SimGuruGraham: There are 3 resort tower “styles”, and a 4th smaller one that uses the beach style. All of them have multiple color variations.

SimGuruMike: we’ll have 4 different towers. Styles range from beach (from the lb) Spanish-style and modern.
The smallest RH (rabbithole) is 4×8. Small enough to hide IMO.

If you have the Massage Table from ST gold can you hire a resort masseuse?
SimGuruMike: Sorry no resort masseuse. However, there’s no reason why you can’t place one on your resort anyway.

Are resorts going to cost a fortune?
SimGuruRyan: Depends on the type of resort! You can also build your own

SimGuruSarah: You can customize the buffet food served at your resort, & guests will socialize & eat in the dining area if you make one.


Water activities and Build mode

We’d really like move activities in the water, (water polo) and things. because both the sea and pools is limited
SimGuruGraham: A big part of #TS3IslandParadise is giving everyone more things to do in the water. There’s more to come 🙂

Are there underwater lots?
SimGuruGraham: Definitely. You’ll be able to explore along with your Sims when they go SCUBA diving.

When diving into the deep blue sea, will there be some type of loading screen? Or just camera maneuvers?
SimGuruGraham: No loading when SCUBA diving, just move your camera down.

the câmera limit from CAW will be a problem in ISLAND PARADISE?
SimGuruGraham: Are you asking about how far out in the ocean you can go? It’ll be similar to swimming, if you can’t move your camera there, you can’t drive your boat there.

will there be diagonal pools in Island Paradise?
SimGuruGraham: No diagonal pools, sorry. Tried to get us to add it, but there were engineering concerns in the time we had available to us.

so, i think that we need some “circled” walls on Islandparadise…. You know… To make houseboats looks more like a boat+
SimGuruGraham: Rounded walls aren’t coming. I’ve explained it before, but it simply isn’t something you’re going to see on The Sims 3 engine. If you look at the curved pools on the level they’re actually built on, you can see that the effect is faked and they’re actually square.

Would there be a technical reason why we couldn’t have glass floor/ceiling tiles? Would be awesome for boats….
SimGuruGraham: No technical reason we don’t have glass floors, although they are a bit tricky. As I’m sure you’re aware, lighting in Sims 3 doesn’t cast across different floors. Glass ceilings/floors can feel somewhat fiction breaking without some sort of light casting through them, so the challenge becomes faking some appropriate lighting. We’re aware people want them, and we’ve wanted to make them… if I remember correctly they were originally being worked on for Late Night and got cut, and we also originally had them in the plans for Island Paradise but got cut. IP is going to be a really feature rich pack for builders though, so hopefully that doesn’t sting too badly. I think there’s still a good chance Glass Floors will make it in-game someday.

will we have the option to have a house with a backyard that leads 2 the dock with ur boat there nd sail off from the Bakyard
SimGuruGraham: Yes, lots that are half on the water is one of the new things you’ll be able to do.

are sims going to be able to interact with the sea life?
SimGuruMike: Yes you will be able to but I think I’ll leave the details for the next broadcast.

SimGuruMike: Waterfall is a new pool object and there will be blueprints that have them built in

SimGuruMike: If you have Late Night + IP EPs installed the pool bar will function exactly like a pro bar except that you will not be able to order drinks for others. So you will be able to place them in non-resort community lots and a mixologist will be assigned to it just like it does for pro bars. On your home lot you can use services to hire a mixologist to run the bar. I hope that made sense.

SimGuruMike: Oh did I mention that resorts will recognize Late Night pro-bars so you will be able to hire a resort worker for it as well.

SimGuruMike: I guess technically speaking the dive spots are a new type of lot. And yes they’re “furnished” with a bunch of new underwater decor


Create-a-Sim (CAS)

Is that an anchor tattoo on his arm? Cool!
SimGuruGraham: It is! New tattoos coming!


The new world

How many worlds are actually included with IP?
SimGuruGraham: One new home world, filled with islands to discover and explore.

How big would you say the Island Paradise world is? Is it bigger than the usual worlds? How far out in the ocean can boats go?
SimGuruSarah: It’s pretty big…because we have water you’ll be able to route around more of the map than you can in a regular world.

SimGuruMike: Although the world is quite large u will still be limited within the edges of the world.

SimGuruGraham: Indeed, one of our worldbuilders told me they were making mangrove trees, which I was excited to hear! Their root system isn’t as complex as a real tree, but nice nonetheless.


Hidden islands

SimGuruMike: As you discover the islands they become “private lots”. Think of private lots as ur 2nd home so no need to sell your main one.

SimGuruMike: Private lots are indeed part of the upgraded real estate system from AMB. When you discover a hidden island it is automatically granted to you as an additional home. Outside of the hidden islands you do have to purchase them.


School and houseboats

psst do kids go to school the same was as usual in #islandparadise
SimGuruGraham: Yes, we didn’t make any changes to schooling in Island Paradise.

awesome so they just get on a speed boat to go? Or do they have to be docked? Thank you for answering!!
SimGuruGraham: They don’t have to be docked, but I can’t get into too many details right now.

so what’s about kid-sims going to school?
SimGuruGraham: Get on a boat, there’s no such thing as a school ship.



And will whether affect the ocean waters?
SimGuruGraham: We aren’t expanding weather in IP; same storm effects you already see in-game.

has the system requirement changed for the next expansions?
SimGuruGraham: Not that I’m aware of. We aren’t raising the min spec.

SimGuruSarah: We have several awesome new rocks this EP ^.^

there doesn’t happen to be any new dances in Island Paradise is there? Like maybe a hula dance since it’s Island themed?
SimGuruGraham: Sorry, no hula. Hula dancing is South Pacific – we’re going for a Caribbean theme.

are pool slides coming in patch (as diving boards) or are they Island Paradise exclusive?
SimGuruGraham: Pool Slides are exclusive to #TS3IslandParadise – there are lots of free goodies coming in the update though.

SimGuruGraham: The All-In-One bathroom is freestanding, so it doesn’t require a wall or privacy!

Can you have a house on the main island & then have a holiday house on a island out in the open?
SimGuruRyan: Definitely!

SimGuruSarah: We are not updating any previous worlds (impossible for tech reasons) but IP features will work in other worlds.