The Sims 3 Into the Future GamesCom Preview

Pinguïntech was present at GamesCom 2013 and there we the opportunity to already playtest The Sims 3 Into the Future. You can read in this The Sims 3 Into the Future GamesCom Preview what we have discovered.

Time traveling: into the future!
In The Sims 3 Into the Future you can find a new world: Oasis Landing. Oasis Landing is located in a different place and hundreds of years into the future. Through the Time Portal your Sims can travel yo Arcadia Landing and return to their own world if wanted. Once you start a new game of load an existing savefile, after a while the time traveler will pay your Sims a visit with his Time Portal. The Time Traveler would like to be your guide and mentor during your trip to the future. You can talk to him to receive timetravel training, transform Oasis Landing into a Dystopia or Utopia or learn more about the future. You can even stay over at his place for free in Oasis Landing. Moreover, you can buy yourself a Time Portal in the Buy Mode. Sims can also become sick because of traveling through time, but with the new Portal Immunity Lifetime Reward your Sims won’t experience any Time Illness during a journey through time.

While you are in Oasis Landing, there’s no need to worry about your Home World. During your time away, Time is paused. You can stay as long as you’d like! Je While you are in Oasis Landing, there’s no need to worry about your Home World. During your time away, Time is paused. You can stay as long as you’d like! Your Sims can also buy a house in Oasis Landing and live there permanently. But your Sims can also travel back through time to their home world with the Time Portal. Everything they do there can be an influence on the future and their offspring.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

In Oasis Landing everyone drives around in hovercabs and hovercars. If your Sims prefer public transport they can ride the monorail, also called ZEPHYR. There are several stations throughout Oasis Landing. While traveling you will encounter holographic billboards.


Time Almanac and alternate Futures

Reference the Time Almanac to explore Oasis Landing’s alternate Futures, view your Active Household’s Future Descendants, or to find more info about the Oasis Landing’s Legacy Statues. The Time Almanac can be accessed from your Sim’s Inventory.


Alternate Futures

From the Events Tab, you can read about and directly trigger the alternate Future Opportunities to make Oasis Landing more Dystopian or Utopian. You can even trigger the Opportunity to revert it back to its Normal state.

Sims 3 Into the Future preview

There are three alternate Futures:
Dystopian Future – After decades of selfish and irresponsible decisions, Sims strained Oasis Landing to the limit and beyond. Trash heaps block the sidewalks, meteors pulverize the landscape, and dangerous Rifts have formed beckoning adventures to climb inside to find their treasures.

Normal Future – The town of Oasis Landing is a bustling city filled with hidden treasures and places to explore. Whether you’re adventuring into the Wasteland, taking in a Bot Competition, or visiting those who’ve shunned technology, there’s lots to do in Oasis Landing!

Utopian Future – Inspired by centuries of whimsical stories, the Sims of Oasis Landing built a paradise! Flowers bearing Dews dot the landscape and nobody can account for strange buried gold being found about town. The locals walk around joyfully, greeting each other with Whimsical waves.


The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

Each future has a different appearance. Special events like falling meteorites from the sky can happen in the Dystopian future. You will even have unique ways of interacting with Sims while in these alternate Timelines! There are a plethora of new objects that can be found throughout the world when Oasis Landing is altered to be in its Dystopian or Utopian State. These objects include things like Drooping Flowers, Curious Dew, Trash Piles, Geyser Rifts, and much, much more! Chances are that your Sims will catch the rare rainbowslug while fishing in Oasis Landing in the utopian future. In the dystopian future, however, the water is contaminated meaning they might catch fish with three eyes.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

There are several ways to revert Oasis Landing to its default state, which also resets ANY edits made to the Town.

Attain level 10 Advanced Technology Skill to Reset the Time Continuum on the Portal or earn enough Lifetime Happiness to buy the Time Remote Control (25.000 Lifetime Happiness points) to change Oasis Landing’s Future while in your Home World. The Time Remote Control allows for Oasis Landing Utopian, Dystopian, and Normal states to be selected at the click of a button.


Every Sim has the potential to have Descendants! A variety of factors can affect the family lineage, starting with your genetics. Your appearance and traits will have an impact on what your descendants look like and how they behave, and may even effect their family worth. The Almanac of Time is an easy way to learn more about your Descendants and can help you find where they live. Be sure to stop by and visit them when your Sim is in the future!

Sims 3 Into the Future preview

Descendants are very volatile and prone to the effects of causality. Pregnancy, death and moving Sims into or out of your household will have a significant impact on your descendants existence. Traits like Family Oriented will help improve the chances of your Sim having a larger Descendant family while traits like Commitment Issues may stifle the size of the Descendant family. It’s all about genetics, so too many traits similar to Commitment Issues may breed your Descendants out of existence.

How well off your Descendants are is up to you. Having traits that focus on finance, creativity and work ethic, coupled with your Household Funds and owned Real Estate could set your Descendants up for success. Of course, lazy, unmotivated and uncreative Sims are destined to leave their Descendants destitute. Lucky and Unlucky traits can add that extra push to make or break the bank.

Visiting your Descendants is a fun and rewarding activity for your Sim to do in the future! You can greet your Descendants, hug them, joke about their household size and worth, and learn about your family history. As your relationship with your Descendant improves, you can even ask to stay over at your Descendant’s home!

Your Descendants don’t always stay the same, and changes in traits, Supernatural type or family size could push them out of existence. If a Descendant has succumbed to a time paradox and vanished, head to the Mausoleum – if you are quick enough you might be able to bring them back! Be wary of the Dream Pod and Unstable Trait, both have a habit of causing paradoxes.

Legacy Statues

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

If your Sim wants to be immortalized and famous in the Future, there is no better way to accomplish this than to earn a Legacy Statue! There are five different statues your Sims can have recreated in their image by performing different tasks in the present day. By doing these things in the present, your Sim helps change the course of the Future! Their statue will then be placed in the grand park with the Legacy Statues in Oasis Landing.

Sims 3 Into the Future preview

There are 5 statues: The Lustrous Entertainer, The Pioneer of Plumbotics, The Renowned Philanthropist, The Time Keeper, and The Trendsetter. The requirements for earning a Legacy Statue as well as its reward can also be found in the Time Almanac.

The Lustrous Entertainer

  • Reach level 10 in Laser Rhythm-a-con Skill, then…
  • Have 12 different Sims Watch or Listen while playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con, while in present day.

Reward: Receive an increase in relationship with other Sims who Watch or Listen while playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con.
The Pioneer of Plumbotics

  • Make a “Future Tech” Quality Plumbot while in present day, then…
  • Install the Sentience Trait Chip to the Plumbot, while in present day.

Reward: Increase relationship with Plumbots at a faster rate and receive more Simoleons when selling Plumbots.

The Renowned Philanthropist

  • Win the Lotto in present day, then…
  • Donate § 10.000 to the Plan the Future Fund at present day City Hall.

Reward: Gain the ability to Give Away Simoleons to other Sims.
The Time Keeper

  • Become Best Friends with the Time Traveler, then…
  • Change the Future to Dystopia and Utopia, then…
  • Repair the Future Timeline back to Normal Oasis Landing.

Reward: Receive the Time Remote which allows different timelines to be set at the click of a button!
The Trendsetter

  • Set up a mannequin in present day, then…
  • Have 8 Sims use the mannequin to change their outfit, while in present day.

Reward: Nearby Sims will periodically change into the same outfit that you’re wearing.



Minigame while loading

There’s also a new option in the settings where you can choose if you either want household hints or a minigame which grants you additional Lifetime Happiness Points while loading: “Disable this option to see tips on loading screens. Enable to find objects and earn Lifetime Happiness while loading.” While loading you’ll see a screen where you have can play a point & click game, locating objects and clicking them.

The better you play, the more Lifetime Happiness points you earn. The Lifetime Happiness will then be divided between all of your family members in the household.

Your comprehensive knowledge of The Sims 3 displayed during the last load has earned your family # Lifetime Happiness Points which have been evenly distributed among all family members!



New Lifetime rewards, traits and lifetime wishes
Lifetime rewards

Future Sim – 5.000
Become the Sim of the Future, today! Receive an upgraded phone and fit in better while in Oasis Landing.

Portal Immunity – 10.000
Never suffer from the effects of Time Travel Sickness while traveling through time again!

Trait Chip Bundle – 10.000
Get a bundle of assorted Trait Chips for your Plumbots without having to design or create them!

Time Remote Control – 25.000
The power to control time! Allows for Oasis Landing Utopian, Dystopian, and Normal states to be selected at the click of a button.


Bot Fan
The boom in Bot technology has left many Sims fascinated and intrigued by these complex machines. While many Sims are at home with their organic bodies, some would prefer to be a Bot instead.
– Your Sim will gain the Bot Building Skill at an accelerated rate.
– A Plumbot outfit can be donned by your Sim.
– Your Sim is more adept at using the Bot Building station.

When a pile of disjointed components rattle around a Sim’s head, they tend to be called “Unstable.” Their traits are in a constant unpredictable flux and delusional episodes are just around the corner.
– Upon waking up in the morning, your Sim may Feel out of Sorts.
– Your Sim will experience delusional episodes that may permanently change their traits.

Lifetime wishes

High Tech Collector
Most Sims use technology and some may understand it, but few truly appreciate it the way you do. By amassing a vast collection of your most beloved hardware, you might build a living museum to the machines you love!
– Reach Level 10 in Advanced Technology Skill
– Own a Hover Board, Dream Pod, Food Synthesizer, Holo Disc, and Jet Pack

Made the Most of my Time
So few Sims get the opportunity to Time Travel, and you’re determined to make the most of it! Tweaking alternate timelines is an obvious choice, but what if you could also achieve immortality by winning your community’s eternal respect?
– Experience All Alternate Futures
– Be Honored with a Legacy Statue

More than a Machine
Through dedicated study, you may build great Plumbots. It takes very special inspiration to imbue them with Sentience! Those superb citizens bridging this gap are examples to Sim and Bot alike: symbols of the civilization they both share.
– Reach Level 10 in Bot Building Skill
– Give a Plumbot Sentience


New collectables

Sims 3 Into the Future preview

For a comprehensive overview of all new collectable objects you can consult our collection journal guide.

New Challenges
Nanite Collector
Find all Nanites to make finding them easier.

New fish
Rainbow Snail
Three Eyed Fish

New bugs
Honeypot Ant
Pill Bug



New music

There’s one new radio station: DigiTunes. One of the new songs is Bonnie McKee – American Girl (Simlish version).



New objects in the buy and build mode

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson

The Hoverboard is one of the new objects in The Sims 3 Into the Future. The Hoverboard allows for quick travel throughout your neighborhood. To use it, place the Hoverboard in your Inventory and then select “Use Instead of Walking.” Anytime your Sim is outside, they’ll choose to use the Hoverboard instead of walking. If your Sim has an automobile set as their preferred transportation, the car will be used instead of the Hoverboard. To stop using the Hoverboard, click on it in the Inventory and choose “Don’t Use Instead of Walking.”

A new object is the jetpack. Sims can fly around with the jetpack but can also fly to other lots at top speed. You see them fly up and seconds later they land at their destination. They can also perform stunts with the jetpack, but be careful: Sims who haven’t mastered the Advanced Technology Skill could crash down! There are also some interactions with other Sims. Your Sim can jetpack prank another Sim, perform a Slow Dance in the air, give a jetpackkiss or even Woohoo! with another Sim!

Your Sim can spontaneously pick up their meteor magnet to pull meteors closer. They just need to point the meteor magnet to the sky and wait. Pulling down meteors won’t always work, but maybe your Sims will be lucky and find something nice.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
The Dream Pod changes Sims lives by providing the ability to dream with lasting benefits from the dream after a Sim wakes. A Dream Pod can be used like a normal bed for sleeping and relaxing, but the greatest benefits come from dreaming. To start a dream, simply select Dream on the Dream Pod. This will bring up a menu showcasing themes your Sim can dream about. More dream options will appear as your Sim gains Advanced Technology Skill.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Don’t stop at just selecting a dream theme though! You can actively influence the dream to be positive or negative while your Sim is dreaming. To do this, click on the Dream Pod and choose Influence Dream… The options you choose in this pie menu will affect the type of dream your Sim is having. Keep an eye on the thought bubbles above your Sim while dreaming to know if the influences are good or bad, as well as your Sim’s moodlets to discover the overall tone of their dream.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Dreams will stay with your Sim even after they wake. Depending on the influences on the dream, as well as your Sim’s mood and traits, your Sim can either have a Good Dream, Neutral Dream, or Bad Dream. Take a look at your Sim’s moodlets to see how their dream affected them. A dream’s effect can range from a simple change in mood to drastically changing your Sim’s personality!
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
For double the fun, share a dream with a friend or household member. Your Sim may also join in on a dream that is in progress. Dreaming together is a great way to share the effects of a dream. The future of sleep has arrived, so buy your Sims a Dream Pod today!

On the pictures above you can see a number of other new objects in The Sims 3 Into the Future like the Air Tube Elevator, a new pool table and a new futuristic staircase. There’s also a new All-in-one Bathroom only taking up one tile where your Sims can fulfill their bladder and hygiene needs simultaneously. There’re also holographic easels and holographic plants like holographic shrubs, bamboo, banana plants and even a holographic palm tree. Of course there’re a lot more new objects but we didn’t have enough time to see them all.



Holo Sprites

There are not only holographic plants in The Sims 3 Forward in Time, but also holographic pets. These little creatures are called Holo Sprites and come from a Holo Sprite Disk that you can buy in the buy mode. There are ten different types Holo Sprites you can collect and if you have them all you will get a exclusive eleventh Sprite. Sprites are perhaps virtual, that does not mean they do not need attention. You will need to feed, clean and talk to them regularly to keep them in a good Sprite mood. Sims can wear Sprites over their shoulder if they want.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Preview

Real pets from The Sims 3 Pets can’t travel to the future. However, if you have The Sims 3 Seasons it’s possible to have seasons and changing weather conditions in Oasis Landing.


Shopping Mall
In Oasis Landing there is a futuristich shopping mall. In the mall you can find interactive showcases which your Sims can use to buy items from the future to use them in Oasis Landing or their own world. In a showcase you will see one showmodel at once but you can select other objects and buy them. In our case the showcase had a jetpack but after browsing the catalogue for a while our Sim could buy a hoverboard. In the mall your Sim can also buy sport- and kitchen equipment.

There’s also a clothing store in the shopping mall. There are mannequins for men, women and children. These are no regular mannequins; they function similar to the showcases. In The Sims 3 Into the Future your Sim can now immediatly buy anything the mannequin is wearing. You can also make a custom outfit. If you choose this option you’ll be taken to the wardrobe in Create-a-Sim so you can make a custim outfit and buy it.



New skills
Advanced Technology

What will the Future hold? It’s anyone’s guess! Advanced Technology might appear daunting at first, but the Advanced Technology Skill will be gained at an accelerated rate while visiting the Future. With practice and patience, this Sim will know how to use Advanced Technology like a pro! Novices will have the ability to change the future on the Time Portal, program the Fruitbobs recipe into the Food Synthesizer, and unlock additional Dream Pod dreams.

Number of unique dream outcomes on the Dream Pod
Number of Food recipies programmed into synthesizer
Number of Jetpack Flights
Number of times Sprites have been shared with the Holo Disc

Digital Dreamer
Dreams can have a profound effect on a Sim’s day. Become a Digital Dreamer by having 25 unique dream outcomes and Dream Pod dreams will always begin with a Good Dream.

Being a digital chef isn’t just about pressing a few buttons on a Food Synthesizer. It’s about pressing lots of buttons! Program a recipe onto 20 unique Food Synthesizers and you’ll receive the ability to program Food Synthesizers to Improve Food Quality to Level 4!

Catch ‘em All
Asking for a Sprite Form from others is a great way to increase your Sprite collection. Collect all 10 Sprites on the Holo Disc and receive an 11th Sprite!

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
With time and practice, Sims will gain enough Advanced Technology skill to master many futuristic objects! A Sim with low Advanced Technology skill is more prone to failures, but with a higher skill a Sim will become more successful in using Advanced Technology objects. Additionally, more interactions will unlock as a Sim masters the skill. Obtaining higher skill reduces the chance of Time Sickness from occurring in addition to unlocking new future timelines.

Some new interactions and other things that your Sim can unlock:
Reset Time Continuum from the Time Portal.
Additional Dream Pod Dreams.
Jetpack Kiss and Fly Around with Others abilities on the Jetpack.
WooHoo on the Jetpack.
Program Food Quality to Level # on the Food Synthesizer.
Program Sphere of Destiny Recipe on the Food Synthesizer.
More Sprites for the Holo Disc.
Improve Sonic Shower to Power Cleanse.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Sims will gain Advanced Technology skill at an accelerated rate while in Oasis Landing. To start gaining the skill, simply use any of the following objects: Drink Synthesizer, Holographic Computer, Food Synthesizer, Jetpack, Hoverboard, Dream Pod, Sonic Shower, Air Tube Elevator, and Time Portal.

Bot Building

A Bot Builder is a tinkerer at heart who’s capable of building everything from simple mechanical Nanites to complex Sim-like bots. It’ll take time and practice before this Sim is ready to build Plumbots, but even a novice can design Nanites, Trait Chips or reverse engineer Nanites to get started!

Nanites created
Trait chips discovered
Trait chips created
Tips earned from tune ups
Bots created
Bots sold

Domo Arigato Mr. Plumboto
Earn at least § 5.000 from performing Tune Ups. As a result, the Well Tuned moodlet will last longer after performing a Tune Up.

Create at least 200 Nanites to become a Micro-Master. Once achieved, Sims will create Nanites that are worth double their original value.

Chipping In
Chip in by discovering 20 different Trait Chip recipes. After chipping in, all purchases at the Bot Shop will be 50% off!

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
The Bot Building Skill is perfect for Sims who like to design and create mechanical companions. The Bot Workshop is the main tool for developing your Sims’ Bot Building Skill.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Designing and Creating Nanites is the easiest way to build your Sims’ Bot Building Skill. Nanites can also be found and gathered in the future. Reverse-Engineering a Nanite will break it down into components for more advanced Bot Building creations as well as teach your Sim how to create that type of Nanite.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Just like Nanites, Sims can design and create Trait Chips at the Bot Workshop. Trait Chips give advanced functionality and behavior to the most advanced Bot Building Skill Creation: Plumbots.
The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Plumbots are robotic Sims from the future! Sims can create their own Plumbots from the Bot Workshop or purchase them from the Bot Emporium in Oasis Landing. Although Plumbots are created without any chips installed, Sims can add Trait Chips to enhance their Plumbots in all sorts of different ways.

Laser Rhythm-a-con

Playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con is like no other instrument ever invented! It takes a unique blend of quick feet and a steady hand to throw down some serious beats. Music will never be the same after mastering this exotic instrument!

When your Sim is really starting to show command of the Laser Rhythm-a-con, they can Play for Tips and Serenade others with electrifying music! Sims can visit the bookstore to purchase new songs.



PlumBot Building
In the Bot Emporium in Oasis Landing you can buy completely ready PlumBots and parts for your Plumbot. In the Bot Emporium there’s also a Bot Workshop which you can use to create your own Plumbots or modify them. The Bot Workshop can also be found in the buy mode.

If you select the option to build a Plumbot, the new mode Create-a-Bot opens. In Create-a-Bot you can modify your Plumbot as you like. You can modify their accessories but also their gender or the tone of their voice. When you’ve finished building the Plumbot it will be added to the household.

Plumbots don’t have the same needs as normal Sims. They only need “Battery” and “Maintenance”, but luckily they can recharge and maintain themselves.
Battery Power – A Plumbot’s internal batteries wear down with prolonged activity. By Syphoning Power or visiting a Charging Station, Bots can keep themselves ticking.
Maintenance – Even the best technology degrades over time. Without regular Tune-Ups and Self Diagnostics, Plumbot gears will gradually grind to a halt.

Plumbots don’t need to sleep or eat and won’t age. You can sell a Plumbots if you don’t want it in your household anymore. This way you can earn some money by renovating Plumbots and selling them for a higher amount.



Trait Chips
On the above first screen you see the social and fun needs are grey. Plumbots don’t need to fulfull those needs. However, by using trait chips you can grant Plumbots these needs (or take them away). As your Sim’s botbuilding skill increases they’ll discover new trait chips which you can use to program your Plumbots. You can equip Plumbots with at least 7 different trait chips while there are more than 20 different trait chips to be discovered. On the screens you can see a few of them. Do know the producers used a cheat to not need to use these parts. Normally you should be able to collect or buy the needed partsto create specific trait chips.

In the chart below you can find a summary with the different trait chips. In the 2nd column you can see how many skill points your Sim needs to build Plumbots to be able to make this trait chip. In the 4th column you can see which parts are needed to build a specific trait chip. Normally your Sim first needs to learn the scheme by designing trait chips before they know which parts are needed to create a specific trait chip. Once they have learned the scheme they can create trait chips through the Bot Workshop if they have collected the needed parts.

IconSkill LevelTrait chipComponentsEffect
Plumbot trait chip1Competent CleanerAny NaniteTurn a Plumbot into a cleaning machine and never touch a mop again!

• Any mess dissolves under an unrelenting barrage of tidying action.
• Plumbot prioritizes domestic functions.
• Handles countless tasks from cleaning to laundry!
Plumbot trait chip2HandiBotAny Nanite, any Small ProcessorSave your wrists the strain of a wrench! This chip lets your house robot repair any machine.

• Handiness Skill is raised to maximum.
• Enables all home maintenance interactions.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to repair appliances on its own.
Plumbot trait chip2A.I. AnglerAny Nanite, any Small Processor (2)Smart fish might evade human lures, but a Plumbot’s electro-scanners leave them nowhere to hide.

• Fishing Skill is raised to maximum.
• All Fishing-related interactions are enabled.
Plumbot trait chip3Fear of HumansAny Nanite, any Small ProcessorInstill a healthy fear of human Sims in your Plumbot! Condition it for nature as you might an endangered llama.

• Bot flees at the sight of human Sims.
• May cause terrified leaking.
• Bot will not fear pets or Sims that are not standard humans.
Plumbot trait chip3Steel ChefLite Nanite, any Small Processor (3)Turn your resident Plumbot into a world-class chef, prepared to cook any meal you can imagine and a few you can’t!

• Cooking Skill is raised to maximum.
• All Cooking Recipes are immediately learned.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to cook for other Sims when they are hungry.
Plumbot trait chip4RoboNannyScalar Nanite, any Small ProcessorChildren are a blessing, but they’re also exhausting. Who couldn’t use a nanny?

• Childcare becomes the Plumbot’s first priority.
• Enables all childcare interactions, from diaper changing to playing tag.
Plumbot trait chip4Friendly FunctionsAny Small Processor (3), Kindness Charged CrystalImpervious to brush-offs and bad attitudes, friendly Plumbots bring a smile to any face!

• Imbues Plumbot with the Social Motive.
• Enables friendly social interactions.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to socialize on its own.
Plumbot trait chip5Sense of HumorAny Small Processor (3), Laughter Charged CrystalBrighten up any social event with humor that’s practically scooped from a tin can! This chip transforms your personal Plumbot into a wacky jokester.

• Activates the Social meter.
• Enables a wide range of joking interactions.
• Introduces Plumbot to the world of professional Comedy Shows.
Plumbot trait chip5Sinister CircuitsAny Small Processor (3), Rage Charged CrystalAdjusts your Plumbot’s motivations towards mischief, mayhem and malefaction.

• Activates the Social Motive.
• Encourages this Bot to rebel against decent Sim society.
• Enables a full suite of cruelty-based interactions.
Plumbot trait chip6Office DroneLepton Nanite, Quantum Nanite, Any Small Processor (2)Turn your Plumbot into a versatile, multi-tasking machine capable of nearly any job!

• Advance your Bot through its chosen profession.
• Plumbots are immune to the daily stress of professional life.
• Earn Simoleons by lending your Bot to local businesses.
Plumbot trait chip6Musical MachineCaustic Nanite, Heisenberg Nanite, Any Small Processor (2)Turn any robot into a musical prodigy, granting them total mastery of every known instrument.

• Music Skill is raised to maximum for all instruments.
• Every song in Similization is instantly learned.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to play music on its own.
Plumbot trait chip6Mood AdjusterNeutron Nanite, any Crystal, Any Small Processor (4)Turn all your psychological needs over to modern science! Your Plumbot will dedicate itself to managing the moods of organic Sims.

• Activates the Social meter.
• Enables various Massage techniques.
• Equips Plumbot with experimental Mood Beam for direct emotional manipulation.
Plumbot trait chip7RoBotany GardenerAny Nanite (3), any Crystal, any Medium ProcessorYard work is hard work! This chip makes your robot a green-thumb gardener.

• Gardening Skill is raised to maximum.
• Equips Plumbot with advanced nanotech fertilizer.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to garden on its own.
Plumbot trait chip7Capacity to LoveAny Medium Processor (2), Love Charged Crystal (5)Imbues your Plumbot with the all pleasures and pains of romantic relationships.

• Activates the Social Motive and gives your Plumbot romantic urges.
• Enables a full suite of interactions to express love and affection with other Plumbots.
Plumbot trait chip7Solar PoweredCondensor Nanite, any Medium ProcessorDump that bulky, expensive Charging Station and power your Plumbot with pure sunlight.

• Replenishes Plumbot Battery Power while the Bot works.
• Chip only functions outside, during daylight hours.
Plumbot trait chip8Simulated EmotionsLaughter Charged Crystal (3), Kindness Charged Crystal (3), Rage Charged Crystal (3)Who couldn’t use a friend? Equip your Plumbot with a full range of human emotions!

• Activates the Social and Mood meters.
• Grants access to three different Emotional Modes: Happy, Sad, and Angry.
• Enables interactions to thoroughly express any emotion at any time.
Plumbot trait chip8Limitless LearningTunnelling Nanite, any Medium Processor (3)High-speed processors run thousands of advanced simulations while your Plumbot performs even the simplest task.

• Plumbots will learn and gain Skill levels as Sims do.
• Dramatically accelerates Skill learning.
Plumbot trait chip8Algorithmic ArtistTorque Nanite, Polar Nanite, any Medium Processor (2)Robots aren’t usually known for artwork, but new technology can unshackle their creative processes!

• Painting Skill is raised to maximum.
• Enables all Painting-related interactions and behaviors.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to paint on its own.
Plumbot trait chip9Holo ProjectorInduction Nanite, any Medium Processor (2), any Large ProcessorMissing your friends from other timelines? Laser Emitted Illusory Anthroprojection technology allows Plumbots to render holographic Sims in incredibly lifelike detail.

• Projects your choice of Sims from other timelines.
• Socialize and have fun with your best inter-dimensional buddies!
Plumbot trait chip9EfficientThermo Nanite, any Medium Processor (2), any Large ProcessorTransform your simple domestic Plumbot into a breathtakingly efficient dynamo! No matter the task, your Bot will excel at it.

• Increased performance in professional settings and Bot Competitions.
• Faster Skill learning and superior Harvesting results.
• Longer Battery life and decreased Maintenance needs.
Plumbot trait chip10SentienceUber Nanite, any Crystal (5), any Large ProcessorBring your Plumbot one step closer to Simkind with genuinely artificial sentience.

• Enables the Fun, Social and Mood Motives.
• Plumbot experiences Lifetime Wishes and Opportunities like an organic Sim.
• Plumbot becomes a true individual, even deciding its own name.
You can add or remove Trait chips to your Plumbots at any time, they can even adjust their own Trait Chips! Plumbots start with only three Trait Chip slots, but can have more unlocked with a higher Bot Building Skill:
Newly created Plumbots from the Bot Workshop: 3 trait chips
Level 4 Bot Building skill: 4 trait chips
Level 7 Bot Building skill: 5 trait chips
Level 9 Bot Building skill: 6 trait chips
Level 10 Bot Building skill: 7 trait chips

All Plumbots also have a quality level determined by the Bot Building Skill of their creator. Plumbots of a higher quality will have their maintenance and battery power drain at a slower rate. In addition, they will be more valuable should your Sim decide to sell them. Become better at Bot Building to improve quality level with Tune Ups.

If you give your Plumbot “Simulated Emotions” trait chip, your Plumbot will also receive the social need (until you remove the trait chip again). Besiedes that they’ll have a few new options and interactions. For example they can set themselves in a sad or angry mode which grants them new interactions depending on the mode. If your Plumbot is set to sad mode, it can pour out its feelings to another Sim.

With the trait chip “Mood adjuster” Plumbots will receive some new interactions. For example they can give another sim a shoulder massage or ‘massage’ their entire body. They can also radiate other Sims with the Happiness beam which will give the Sim a positive moodlet of +40 for four hours.

With the “Holo Projector” trait chip Plumbots can project other Sims from the future (or the present if your Sim is in the future) so your Sims can contact them. You will then see a projection of the other Sim who you can interact with. This option is very useful if your Sims want to keep contact with other Sims or Plumbots who live in another time zone without having to travel to the present or the future.


Plumbot Competition

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Plumbot Competitions are a staple of Oasis Landing Entertainment. Classes and Training also take place at the Plumbot Competition Arena. Plumbots can begin Entering Competitions at the Beginner level without any Trait Chips Installed! Competitions award cash prizes, trophies, and the adoration of the crowd! Keep in mind, when your Plumbot competes, their Needs will decrease, so it’s best to Enter when they are high.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
While your Plumbot is Competing, you are the one that sets the Pace! Modify your Pace throughout the competition to give your Plumbot a break or that little extra boost.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Playing It Safe grants the highest success chance, smallest bonus chance, and no penalty chance.

If you Take Risks, you also have a medium to high success chance, medium bonus chance, and small penalty chance.

Going For Broke yields a moderate success chance, large success bonus, and large penalty chance.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Competing at higher levels such as Advanced or International requires the Limitless Learning Trait Chip as well as a certain amount of Skill based on the type of Competition.

BattleBot Competitions require Athletic Skill, Bot Building Competitions require Bot Building Skill, and EmotiBotting Competitions require Charisma.

The Sims 3 Into the Future lesson
Plumbots increase their chances of winning by making sure their Needs are high and using the appropriate Trait Chips. For example, the Efficient Trait Chip gives Plumbots a bonus to all types of Competition while Simulated Emotions will benefit Plumbot in an EmotiBotting Competition. Professional Tune-Ups also give you a little extra kick so it’s best to know someone in the Bot Arena Career.