Plumbot Trait chips in The Sims 3 Into the Future

On this page you can find everything about Trait Chips for Plumbots in The Sims 3 Into the Future.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Plumbot Trait chips guide
Without trait chips Plumbots are just plain old robots. If you equip a Plumbot with a trait chip they get a lot more immersive. Using trait chips they can gain more social interactions, project a Sim from another timeline and much more!

You can edit Trait chips to your Plumbots at any time by using the option “trait chips”. Plumbots start with only three Trait Chip slots, but you can unlock more if your Sim has a higher Bot Building Skill:
Create-A-Bot standard: 3 trait chips
Level 4 Bot Building skill: 4 trait chips
Level 7 Bot Building skill: 5 trait chips
Level 9 Bot Building skill: 6 trait chips
Level 10 Bot Building skill: 7 trait chips

You can always add or remove trait chips if necessary. All Plumbots also have a quality level determined by the Bot Building Skill of their creator. Plumbots of a higher quality will have their maintenance and battery power drain at a slower rate. In addition, they will be more valuable should your Sim decide to sell them. Sims with a higher bot building skill can improve the quality of Plumbots with Tune Ups. Plumbots can earn a maximum of 10 points for quality.

In the chart below you can find a summary with the different trait chips. In the 2nd column you can see how many skill points your Sim needs to build Plumbots to be able to make this trait chip. In the 4th column you can see which parts are needed to build a specific trait chip. Normally your Sim first needs to learn the scheme by designing trait chips before they know which parts are needed to create a specific trait chip. Once they have learned the scheme they can create trait chips through the Bot Workshop if they have collected the needed parts.

IconSkill LevelTrait chipComponentsEffect
Plumbot trait chip1Competent CleanerAny NaniteTurn a Plumbot into a cleaning machine and never touch a mop again!

• Any mess dissolves under an unrelenting barrage of tidying action.
• Plumbot prioritizes domestic functions.
• Handles countless tasks from cleaning to laundry!
Plumbot trait chip2HandiBotAny Nanite, any Small ProcessorSave your wrists the strain of a wrench! This chip lets your house robot repair any machine.

• Handiness Skill is raised to maximum.
• Enables all home maintenance interactions.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to repair appliances on its own.
Plumbot trait chip2A.I. AnglerAny Nanite, any Small Processor (2)Smart fish might evade human lures, but a Plumbot’s electro-scanners leave them nowhere to hide.

• Fishing Skill is raised to maximum.
• All Fishing-related interactions are enabled.
Plumbot trait chip3Fear of HumansAny Nanite, any Small ProcessorInstill a healthy fear of human Sims in your Plumbot! Condition it for nature as you might an endangered llama.

• Bot flees at the sight of human Sims.
• May cause terrified leaking.
• Bot will not fear pets or Sims that are not standard humans.
Plumbot trait chip3Steel ChefLite Nanite, any Small Processor (3)Turn your resident Plumbot into a world-class chef, prepared to cook any meal you can imagine and a few you can’t!

• Cooking Skill is raised to maximum.
• All Cooking Recipes are immediately learned.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to cook for other Sims when they are hungry.
Plumbot trait chip4RoboNannyScalar Nanite, any Small ProcessorChildren are a blessing, but they’re also exhausting. Who couldn’t use a nanny?

• Childcare becomes the Plumbot’s first priority.
• Enables all childcare interactions, from diaper changing to playing tag.
Plumbot trait chip4Friendly FunctionsAny Small Processor (3), Kindness Charged CrystalImpervious to brush-offs and bad attitudes, friendly Plumbots bring a smile to any face!

• Imbues Plumbot with the Social Motive.
• Enables friendly social interactions.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to socialize on its own.
Plumbot trait chip5Sense of HumorAny Small Processor (3), Laughter Charged CrystalBrighten up any social event with humor that’s practically scooped from a tin can! This chip transforms your personal Plumbot into a wacky jokester.

• Activates the Social meter.
• Enables a wide range of joking interactions.
• Introduces Plumbot to the world of professional Comedy Shows.
Plumbot trait chip5Sinister CircuitsAny Small Processor (3), Rage Charged CrystalAdjusts your Plumbot’s motivations towards mischief, mayhem and malefaction.

• Activates the Social Motive.
• Encourages this Bot to rebel against decent Sim society.
• Enables a full suite of cruelty-based interactions.
Plumbot trait chip6Office DroneLepton Nanite, Quantum Nanite, Any Small Processor (2)Turn your Plumbot into a versatile, multi-tasking machine capable of nearly any job!

• Advance your Bot through its chosen profession.
• Plumbots are immune to the daily stress of professional life.
• Earn Simoleons by lending your Bot to local businesses.
Plumbot trait chip6Musical MachineCaustic Nanite, Heisenberg Nanite, Any Small Processor (2)Turn any robot into a musical prodigy, granting them total mastery of every known instrument.

• Music Skill is raised to maximum for all instruments.
• Every song in Similization is instantly learned.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to play music on its own.
Plumbot trait chip6Mood AdjusterNeutron Nanite, any Crystal, Any Small Processor (4)Turn all your psychological needs over to modern science! Your Plumbot will dedicate itself to managing the moods of organic Sims.

• Activates the Social meter.
• Enables various Massage techniques.
• Equips Plumbot with experimental Mood Beam for direct emotional manipulation.
Plumbot trait chip7RoBotany GardenerAny Nanite (3), any Crystal, any Medium ProcessorYard work is hard work! This chip makes your robot a green-thumb gardener.

• Gardening Skill is raised to maximum.
• Equips Plumbot with advanced nanotech fertilizer.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to garden on its own.
Plumbot trait chip7Capacity to LoveAny Medium Processor (2), Love Charged Crystal (5)Imbues your Plumbot with the all pleasures and pains of romantic relationships.

• Activates the Social Motive and gives your Plumbot romantic urges.
• Enables a full suite of interactions to express love and affection with other Plumbots.
Plumbot trait chip7Solar PoweredCondensor Nanite, any Medium ProcessorDump that bulky, expensive Charging Station and power your Plumbot with pure sunlight.

• Replenishes Plumbot Battery Power while the Bot works.
• Chip only functions outside, during daylight hours.
Plumbot trait chip8Simulated EmotionsLaughter Charged Crystal (3), Kindness Charged Crystal (3), Rage Charged Crystal (3)Who couldn’t use a friend? Equip your Plumbot with a full range of human emotions!

• Activates the Social and Mood meters.
• Grants access to three different Emotional Modes: Happy, Sad, and Angry.
• Enables interactions to thoroughly express any emotion at any time.
Plumbot trait chip8Limitless LearningTunnelling Nanite, any Medium Processor (3)High-speed processors run thousands of advanced simulations while your Plumbot performs even the simplest task.

• Plumbots will learn and gain Skill levels as Sims do.
• Dramatically accelerates Skill learning.
Plumbot trait chip8Algorithmic ArtistTorque Nanite, Polar Nanite, any Medium Processor (2)Robots aren’t usually known for artwork, but new technology can unshackle their creative processes!

• Painting Skill is raised to maximum.
• Enables all Painting-related interactions and behaviors.
• Plumbot takes the initiative to paint on its own.
Plumbot trait chip9Holo ProjectorInduction Nanite, any Medium Processor (2), any Large ProcessorMissing your friends from other timelines? Laser Emitted Illusory Anthroprojection technology allows Plumbots to render holographic Sims in incredibly lifelike detail.

• Projects your choice of Sims from other timelines.
• Socialize and have fun with your best inter-dimensional buddies!
Plumbot trait chip9EfficientThermo Nanite, any Medium Processor (2), any Large ProcessorTransform your simple domestic Plumbot into a breathtakingly efficient dynamo! No matter the task, your Bot will excel at it.

• Increased performance in professional settings and Bot Competitions.
• Faster Skill learning and superior Harvesting results.
• Longer Battery life and decreased Maintenance needs.
Plumbot trait chip10SentienceUber Nanite, any Crystal (5), any Large ProcessorBring your Plumbot one step closer to Simkind with genuinely artificial sentience.

• Enables the Fun, Social and Mood Motives.
• Plumbot experiences Lifetime Wishes and Opportunities like an organic Sim.
• Plumbot becomes a true individual, even deciding its own name.
Trait Chips and Lifetime Rewards

Sometimes your Plumbot will need specific trait chips to buy a lifetime reward. For example they can’t buy the Professional Slacker, Office Hero, Multitasker and Vacationer if they don’t have the Office Drone trait chip installed. Also it’s not possible to buy the lifetime reward Speedy Cleaner if your Plumbot doesn’t have the Competent Cleaner trait chip.

There is also a new lifetime reward Trait Chip Bundle for 10.000 lifetime happiness points. If you buy this lifetime reward you’ll receive a bundle with a few random trait chips. You can buy as many Trait Chip Bundles as you like.

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Hints on collecting parts for trait chips

Small, medium and large processors which are needed for specific trait chips can be bought at the Bot Emporium in Oasis Landing. Nanites can be made in the Bot Workshop but can also be found throughout the world. You can find them easily with the Collection Journal lifetime reward. Now you can also select crystal plants and nanites. Most nanites can be found in the Wasteland. Besides that you can clean up waste with one of your nanites resulting in finding an even rarer nanite.



Examples of trait chips

We now will briefly discuss a few trait chips.

With the Capacity to Love trait chip Plumbots can now perform romantic interactions with other Sims or Plumbots.
If your Plumbot has the Simulated Emotions trait chip, social needs and the mood meter will be activated (unitl you remove the trait chip again). They will also get some new options and interactions. For example they can set themselves in a sad or angry mood which will result in new interactions depending on the selected mood. This Plumbot for example can go cry with another Sim when (s)he’s in a sad mood.


As well with the Mood Adjuster trait chip Plumbots receive some new interactions. They can give other Sims a shoulder massage of ‘massage’ their entire body. They can also use the experimental Mood Beam which gives your Sim a + 40 positive moodlet lasting 4 hours.


With the Holo Projector trait chip Plumbots can project other Sims from the future (or the present if your Sim is in the future) so your Sims can contact them. You will see a projection of the other Sim which your Sims can interact with. This option is also very useful when your Sims want to keep in though with other Sims or Plumbots residing in another timezone without having to travel to the present of the future.



Combine trait chips for additional benefits!

If multiple trait chips are actived at the same time you can receive additional benefits. SimGuruLauren mentioned us a few combinations to try for ourselves:

  • Capacity to Love + Simulated Emotions = Quicker and more effective romance.
  • Office Drone + Efficient = Maxed out job performance, regardless of tone or job metrics.
  • Mood Adjuster + Sinister Circuits = Can now use the “Sadness Beam” instead of the “Happiness Beam”.
  • Artistic Algorithms + Efficient = Create paintings faster than usual.
  • Holographic Projector + Fear of Humans = A bot that will be terrified of his/her own projections