Free downloads from The Sims 3 Store

On this page you can find all free downloads from The Sims 3 Store.

Fashionable Fitness Set
Year of the Horse
Gifts for the Holidays
No Tricks, Just Treats
Happy Mardi Gras!
Sims Santas
Toyota Prius family collection
Lunar Lakes Rocks
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Clothing women

Deco Tank

Clothing men

Lucky Duckie

Clothing children

Lucky Duckie Jr. (for girls)
Lucky Duckie Jr. (for boys)

Hair women

New Years Hat for Her
Just in Jest Hat

Hair men

New Years Hat for Him
Just in Jest Hat


Tomb Sled Sleeper
The Sleeker-Sleeper


The Desert’s End
Byron Desk


Perfecto Presto!


Modern HDTV by Webbsta Industries


Paris Wall Clock
Generation Clock
Annie’s Well-Organized Shelf
Katy Perry Poster
Lunar Lakes Rocks


Honeycomb Bookshelf


Not-A-Street Floor Lamp


JCP teen outfits
Halloween Treats
Harvest Bounty
Happy Holiday Presents
Eye of the Bolder ‘10
In the Dawn of Sims
The Sims Strike Back
Let there be Sims!
Earth Day
Adrenaline Rush
Happy Holiday Presents
Weba Yayfoo!
More Halloween Treats
Speedy Styles
Kalliopi’s Gifts
More Holiday Presents
Happy New Year ’11
Carnivale Celebration!
Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies
Fall Fruition
Tis The Season For Gift Giving!
Happy New Year 2012 !!!
Renault ZOE Preview
Happy Valentines Day 2012!
Year of the Dragon Set
Toyota Prius family collection
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Sims Santas
Happy Mardi Gras!
No Tricks, Just Treats
Gifts for the Holidays
Year of the Rabbit
Year of the Tiger
Year of the Horse


Cellar Arch

My Page Goodies

Avatar Backgrounds: solids
10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary Badge
Sim Love Starter Badge
Charcoal Vampy Valentine Badge
Slate Vampy Valentine Badge
Ivory Vampy Valentine Badge
Freezer Bunny Cupid Badge
Lucky Apple Juice St. Patrick’s Day Badge
Luck be a Simoleon St. Patrick’s Day Badge
4 Million Fans Trophy
“Hare’s” to 4 Million Badge
4 Million Fans Trophy (avatar background)
4 Million Fans Celebrate with Freezer Bunny!

Free items in The Sims 3 Shop Mode

There are som free items in The Sims 3 Shop Mode.

  • Nectar is Necessary Barstool
  • Lucky’n’Love-seat
  • Simoleons in Love Fountain
  • The Not-So-Modern Wall Sculpture
  • Casino Column