Tropical Romance Island Event – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Build the Tropical Romance Island by collecting tropical fruit! Get fruit trees from the “Event Items” tab of the Home Store, and collect enough to unlock new locations on the island!

Sims FreePlay Banana tree
1. Plant a Banana Tree (the first one is free, after that you can buy 3 banana trees for § 4000 each).
2. Collect Fruits (tap on the Banana Tree, 7 seconds).
3. Build the Sea Voyage Ship (you need to collect 50 bananas to build this).
4. Visit the Tropical Romance Island (tap on the Sea Voyage Ship).

Tropical Romance Island Event - The Sims FreePlay
5. Unlock the Ultimate Relaxation Pack. Have a Sim ‘Collect Bananas’ from a banana tree until you unlock the ‘Ultimate Relaxation’ pack.

Tropical Romance Island Event - collecting bananas
Tip: every 15 minutes you can collect bananas by tapping the fruit icons floating above Sims (average 10-20 bananas per banana tree).

6. Use the Event Spin Flower. Get a ‘Coin Flower Patch’ from the “Event Items” tab of the Home Store, and have a Sim plant a Spin Flower on it!
7. Collect Bonuses. Have a Sim collect fruit from any plant. When you see the fruit icon above their head, tap it
8. Continue Collecting Fruit. Have Sims collect fruit to get all the prizes!

Tip: Do you want to collect the fruit very fast? With this fruit glitch you can easily collect a lot of fruit! You only need a house with a second floor. When your Sim is on the second floor, give them the task to collect fruit. They’ll instantly collect the fruit when they walk down the stairs. Fast and easy!