The Styles of Time – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

An unusual time capsule is about to show up in the park! Help your Sims to solve its mysteries and work out what to leave behind for other future Sims to discover!

Complete this quest within 6 days to unlock all prizes.
– Complete the first set of goals, and a selection of new hairstyles for adult Sims will be yours!
– Complete the second set of goals, and a selection of new hats will be yours!
– Complete this quest, and a unique selection of ALL NEW hairstyles will be yours!

The Styles of Time – Day 1

1. Send a Sim to the park.
2. Investigate glint at the park (X, 1 minute).
3. Examine the Capsule (10 minutes).
4. Discuss technology with another Sim (45 minutes)
5. Plug USB into a computer (1 second)
6. Check the USB Files on a computer (9 hours and 30 minutes***, 10 hours and 30 minutes**, 11 hours and 50 minutes*)
7. Place USB in Time Capsule (15 minutes)

The Styles of Time – Day 2

1. Check the Time Capsule (1 minute)
2. Ask a Sim on a date (15 minutes)
3. Watch the ducks together (2 hours and 30 minutes). Have a Sim ‘Watch the Ducks’ in the park, then tap the ducks again to have their date ‘Join in’.
4. Give flowers to a Sim (5 minutes and 1 second).
5. Passionately kiss your date (15 minutes).
6. Place flower in Time Capsule (45 minutes)
7. Investigate the Capsule Chamber (13 hours)

The Styles of Time – Day 3

1. Check the Capsule display (5 minutes).
2. Watch a Modern Lifestyle Show (7 hours***, 7 hours and 30 minutes**, 8 hours and 30 minutes*).
3. Try on a new hairstyle (via wardrobe).
4. Have 5 Sims at a house.
5. Have 4 Sims Retro Dance to a stereo. Have a Sim ‘Retro Dance’ to a stereo, then have three more ‘Join In.’
6. Film the party (10 minutes). You can buy a video camera from the Promotions R Us store on the Town Map.
7. Raid the refrigerator (9 hours and 30 minutes***, 10 hours and 30 minutes**, 11 hours and 50 minutes*).
8. Place Video in Capsule (5 minutes).

The Styles of Time – Day 4

1. Read a Cookbook (1 minute and 36 seconds***, 1 minute and 48 seconds**, 2 minutes*).
2. Get the first ingredient (7 hours and 15 minutes, tap on a tree (on a home lot) and choose “Collect Bark”)
3. Get the second ingredient (1 hour, grow water melons).
4. Get the final ingredient (1 minute, go to the park, and tap on the ducks to “Collect Fragrant Reeds”).
5. Make the Special Recipe (stove, 9 hours and 30 minutes***, 10 hours and 30 minutes**, 11 hours and 35 minutes*).
6. Place incense in Capsule (1 minute).
7. Investigate the Second Chamber (5 minutes).

The Styles of Time – Day 5

1. Check the Capsule again (1 minute)
2. Check a bookshelf for the Card (3 minutes and 12 seconds)
3. Place Card in Capsule (2 minutes).
4. Panic in front of Capsule (10 hours and 15 minutes)
5. Ask the Statue for help (2 minutes).
6. Call a 2nd Sim to the Park.
7. Pretend to sing (9 hours and 30 minutes). Have a Sim ‘Pretend to Sing’ in front of the capsule to cover the noise of the card. Have the other Sim ‘Eye them Suspiciously’ by tapping the capsule!

The Styles of Time – Day 6

1. Check a Park Bench for used gum (54 seconds).
2. Stick gum in the Statue’s ears (2 minutes).
3. Listen to the Statue’s idea (8 hours and 30 minutes).
4. Prepare a disguise in the Park toilets (1 minute).
5. Boil water on a stove (3 minutes and 12 seconds***, 3 minutes and 36 seconds**, 4 minutes*).
6. Pour water into Capsule (12 hours and 15 minutes).
7. Investigate the Final Chamber (5 minutes)
8. Celebrate to a park stereo. Have 4 Sims ‘Celebrate’ to the stereo in the Park.