The Sims FreePlay information



Pan: Use one finger to pan the camera.
Rotate: Use two fingers to rotate the camera.
Zoom: Pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom. Alternatively, press the magnifying glass icon to zoom all the way in or out.

Needs & actions

Your Sims have six needs: social, fun, hunger, hygiene, bladder and energy. Tap on furniture, objects, pets and other Sims then choose actions to fulfill your Sims’ needs. Each action corresponds to a particular need, signified by icons on the action buttons and needs bars. Keeping all a Sim’s needs met keeps them happy, healthy and ready to do what you want!

All actions take time. You can turn off the game anytime you like and your Sims will keep doing whatever it is you’ve assigned them. The game will send you notifications when important actions have finished.


When most of your Sim’s needs are full they become ‘Inspired’! ‘Inspired’ Sims earn a lot more XP and Simoleons for completing actions.


Simtracker is used to monitor all of your Sims at once! Tap on their portraits to visit them or tap on the whistle button to make them come to you! Note that you must visit a Sim to collect any Simoleons or XP they have earned from completing an action.


The Green Diamond floating over a Sim’s head is called a Plumbob. The Plumbob indicates which Sim you are in direct control of at any one time; this is your Active Sim.

Experience Points (XP)

Your Sims earn XP for completing actions. As your Sims earn XP you will Level Up. Each time you Level Up you unlock new furniture, fun stuff, garden patches, baking recipes and the ability to add more Sims, workplaces and businesses to the Town Map.

House bonus

When Sims perform actions at their own house they are rewarded with additional bonus XP and Simoleons. S

Simoleons (§)

Simoleons are the Sims’ form of currency. Sims can earn Simoleons by gardening, baking, working at a job, having a pet dog dig for treasure, or by having a cat pounce on a piece of fluff. You’ll need Simoleons to buy your Sims furniture, fun stuff, garden patches, baking recipes, pets, cars, houses, businesses and workplaces. Simoleon packs can also be purchased at the Store.

Lifestyle points (LP)

You can earn LP by completing tasks, getting a dog to dig for treasure, getting a cat to pounce on something, going for a drive, opening gifts on the Party Boat or by purchasing them in the Store. Use LP to skip non-tutorial tasks, finish any action, or to complete construction instantly! LP can also be used to buy cupcakes for your Sims.


Cupcakes can be used to instantly satisfy an individual Sim’s needs and make them ‘Inspired’! Cupcakes are particularly useful when you have a lot of Sims in your town to take care of.

The Home Store

Access the Home Store to buy and place furniture, add or resize rooms, add 2nd and 3rd floors, purchase staircases, change wallpaper and floors, add doors and windows and even create an outdoor entertainment area featuring a swimming pool and garden. Swimming Pools and pool items are unlocked on completion of the quest ‘It’s All Going Swimmingly’ which is available from level 13. Additional floors and staircases are unlocked on completion of the quest ‘Multi-Story Renovations’ which is available from level 17.

Town value & daily rewards

Everyday a % of your town value will be delivered to your mailbox. As you fill your home with cool stuff and build your town this reward will get bigger and bigger. Come back everyday and check your mailbox to make sure you get the maximum benefit.

Sims FreePlay Daily reward

Town map

Apart from Simtracker, your other way to get around town is to use the Town Map. From the Town Map you can choose to build more Sim houses, workplaces and businesses. You can also collect XP and Simoleon revenue from any constructed buildings and visit Sim houses and other locations that you build, like the Park. Sometimes you will need to satisfy certain conditions before you can build something; like reaching a certain level or getting a certain number of Sims.


Sims can build a bunch of different relationships. Tap on any Sim you want your Active Sim to talk to and choose a social interaction. You’ll receive big XP bonuses for reaching relationship milestones.

Earning Simoleons


Gardening is a great way to earn Simoleons. Buy a Garden Patch in the Home Store and place it in a Sim’s yard. Then just tap on the Garden Patch and choose a seed to grow. More seeds will unlock as you Level Up.

Sim-eating plants

The research and development team at The Sims Freeplay have been working on some new experimental seeds that reward your Sims with much higher amounts of Simoleons and XP than normal plants, but have a slight chance of turning into giant Sim-Eating Plants. Don’t let the name scare you off – Sim-Eating Plants are easily taken care of with a little negotiation.

Baking and oven fires

Baking works just like Gardening. First, buy and place a stove using the Home Store. Then tap on the stove and choose a recipe to bake. More recipes will unlock as you Level Up. Some recipes have a slight chance of bursting into flames, so bake these recipes at your own risk! While these recipes reward high amounts of XP and Simoleons, they might also require you to put out a fire… so choose your recipe wisely!


Sims have career aspirations just like you! Build workplaces on the Town Map so they can get jobs. Different jobs run for different lengths so choose one that suits each Sim’s lifestyle! Press the briefcase in Simtracker or the Career Info Panel if you’d like to send them to work. Your Sims can go to work at any time they like, but only once per day. In our The Sims FreePlay Careers: Salaries guide you can find an overview of all The Sims FreePlay Careers with their salaries.

Sims FreePlay jobs


Starting wages for jobs aren’t that high but sticking at it and getting promotions is a great long term investment for your Sims. Every day your Sim goes to work moves them closer to a promotion so keep it up and your Sim will start raking in the XP and Simoleons. To get promoted faster, buy a relevant career object from Promotions ‘R’ Us and have your Sim do overtime at home!

Buildings and locations

Promotions ‘R’ Us
Build Promotions ‘R’ Us on the town map and gain access to career items that allow your Sims to practice their trade from home! The more they practice outside of work hours, the faster they’ll get promoted.

The Snow Park
The Snow Park is unlocked during the ‘An Alien Concept: Weather Machines’ quest which is attained at level 16. Build the Snow Park to gain access to the Figure Skating hobby, as well as a range of unique snow-themed interactions. When you first unlock the Snow Park, you will find that you cannot access snowboarding or the toboggans due to the Ski Lift being locked. Get the key and unlock it by collecting all of the figure skating medals.

The Swimming Center
The Swimming Center is a building on the Town Map containing a public swimming pool where your Sims can practice diving or simply enjoy playing in the water.

Build the Supermarket and you can buy seeds and baking ingredients cheaper than at a Sim’s house. A little organisation will save you a lot of Simoleons in the long run.

The Children’s Store
The Children’s Store is a great place to purchase cribs, decorations, novelty beds and toys for your little Sims. Once an item is purchased from the Children’s Store, it appears in your inventory where you can access the item directly and place it in your house.

The Community Center
The Community Center is a place on the town map where you can send your preteen Sims to practice ballet and karate, or adults to practice woodworking. The more they practice, the more content they’ll unlock.

The public beach
Complete the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest on level 26 and gain access to Sim Town’s dream location, the Public Beach. Being a dream location, the Public Beach is built using Life Orbs.

Ice Ape Arcade and amusements
Complete the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest on level 26 and gain access to Ice Ape Arcade! Play arcade games, compete for high scores on Pinball machines and collect prizes from Skill Tester Machines in 3 different hobbies! The Ice Ape Arcade requires Life Orbs to build.

The headmasters of Sim Town’s schools understand that your Sims are busy, so they’ve created a unique program that allows your preteen and teen Sims to attend school at any time of the day.

Once enrolled, your preteen and teen Sims will earn pocket money and XP upon returning home from school. The more often your Sim goes to school, the better their grade average or class rank will be and the more pocket money, XP and special items they’ll unlock. To get a higher grade or rank faster, buy your Sim a Study Desk from the Preteen or Teen section of the Home Store so they can do homework!

The Salon
Visit the Salon and gain access to a whole new way of customizing and pampering your Sims. Try out some new makeup, experiment with new hairstyles, rebel with a new tattoo and more.

The Costume & Swim Store
Whether you need a costume for a fancy dress party, a swimsuit to enjoy your new outdoor pool area, or an umbrella for a rainy day, the Costume & Swim Store has you covered. Build it on the Town Map today!

Bingo Hall
Located on the Mystery Island, The Bingo Hall is a place for senior Sims to go and try their luck at winning a Simoleon jackpot. Whether the Sim wins or loses the hall will run bingo tournaments regularly that your senior Sims can participate in.

The Nightclub
The Nightclub is a great place for your Sims to enjoy music and a few fancy cocktails. Each cocktail contains a secret ingredient that inspires your Sim quickly and easily; so when your Sim is feeling down, this is the place to go! The Nightclub is also a great place to make friends quickly. Simply have one of your Sims become a DJ, set the mood with some live music and get your Sims shakin’ booty on the dance floor.

The Candlelit Fork restaurant
Complete the “Sous Judgemental” Quest available from level 16 to unlock “The Candlelit Fork” Restaurant. The Restaurant is a place where your Sims can go for intimate meals and drinks. It begins in a state of disrepair when first unlocked. Each area must have its entranceway fixed, its area cleared and its floor cleaned to unlock it. Whenever an area is unlocked the Restaurant gains 1 star level. Once the Star rating reaches 3 stars or more then food can be cooked in the Restaurants kitchen. When it reaches 5 Stars then a special dish can be cooked exclusively at the Restaurant that inspires the Sims who eat it. Unlock more food at the Restaurant by cooking the food at a Sims home first. Over time the Restaurant may have dirty dishes piling up. If too many appear then the star rating may drop. If it drops too far the Restaurants kitchen may stop working until they are cleaned up. When the kitchen is unlocked you can have a Sim serve as a waiter by tapping the bar near the kitchen and choosing ‘Wait on Tables’. The waiter Sim will serve any Sims who are having ‘Table Service’ at the tables so long as some food has been prepared in the kitchen.

The Stables

Complete the ‘Need for Steed’ quest on level 11 and gain access to a horse lover’s paradise, the Stables! The Stables starts off as unbuilt and underdeveloped but by clearing out debris and fixing broken fences it can be home to a barn complete with six stables for your horses and 3 different paddocks containing Horse Tricks, Vaulting and Show Jumping Hobbies that your Sims can participate in with their horses!


Horses are available once the Stables area has been built. In order to house a horse, a barn stable must be built. A maximum of six barn stables can be built meaning 6 horses can be kept at any one time. Horses each have a mood level that will drop slowly over time. The horse’s mood can be raised by performing various care actions such as grooming and feeding them. If a horse’s mood level drops too low then it will be unable to participate in hobbies until the mood has been raised. Horses can be removed from town by tapping on the horse and choosing the red button next to the horse’s portrait.

Horse tricks hobby

The horse tricks hobby is available in the Stables area and is unlocked by performing the following actions in the Tricks Area: Repairing the gate, clearing out the debris inside the yard, fixing the grass in the yard and lastly, fixing the fence around the yard. Once these actions have been performed then the hobby is unlocked and can be accessed by tapping on a horse with a Sim selected and choosing the “Horse Tricks” action.

Horse vaulting hobby

The horse Vaulting hobby is available in the Stables area and is unlocked by performing the following actions in the Vaulting Area: Repairing the gate, clearing out the debris inside the yard, fixing the grass in the yard and lastly, fixing the fence around the yard. Once these actions have been performed then the hobby is unlocked and can be accessed by tapping on a horse with a Sim selected and choosing the “Horse Vaulting” action. A 2 Star or higher level of horse is required to participate in this hobby.

Show Jumping hobby

The Show Jumping hobby is available in the Stables area once “The Hidden Unicorn” quest is completed. It is unlocked by performing the following actions in the Show Jumping Area: Repairing the gate, clearing out the debris inside the yard, fixing the grass in the yard and lastly, fixing the fence around the yard. Once these actions have been performed then the hobby is unlocked and can be accessed by tapping on a horse with a Sim selected and choosing the “Show Jumping” action. A 3-Star level of horse is required to participate in this hobby.


Barkshire Pet Park

The Pet Park is the place your Sims can take cats and dogs to socialize, enter pet hobbies and enjoy running around the wide open spaces! To bring a pet to the Pet Park, tap on the pet while it is at home and choose ‘Send to Pet Park.’ Each pet that goes to the Pet Park must have a collar, which can be bought from the Pet Salon on the Sim Town map. Pets can follow Sims around at the pet park. With a Sim selected, tap on a pet and choose ‘Call to Sim.’ To dismiss the pet after it is following the Sim, tap on the pet and select ‘Let Pet Run Free.’ The Pet Park requires Animal Fanatic life orbs to build.

Pet salon

Located on the Sim Town map, the Pet Salon is the place you can buy a variety of collars for your pets! Collars are needed to send pets to the Barkshire Pet Park.

Cat show hobby

Located in the pavilion at the back of the Barkshire Pet Park, the cat show is a place for your cats to show how fabulous they are by preening and strutting their stuff! Animal Fanatic Life Orbs are required to build this hobby.

Dog agility hobby

Just to the right as you enter the Barkshire Pet Park is the ultimate obstacle course for the agile canine! Prove your dogs skills on each obstacle to unlock new ones! Animal Fanatic Life Orbs are required to build this hobby.

Dog obedience hobby

Every dog needs to know how to behave, and the obedience hobby will show them just that. Located at the Barkshire Pet Park, this hobby is available as soon as the park is built.

Party Boat

The Party Boat is a social area where you can connect with Facebook and Game Center friends who are playing The Sims FreePlay. You can receive gifts, compare your town with theirs, and upon reaching level 7 you can also visit their town. To visit a town, hit the ‘Visit’ button and then select which Sim you wish to take to their town.

Once in another town, your Sim can interact with objects in your neighbor’s houses, your neighbor’s Sims, and some other locations in their town such as the Park. Your Sim can also complete Social Tasks while in a neighbor’s town in order to earn Social Points.

To connect with friends from Facebook, tap ‘Add Neighbor’ and select a facebook friend. Once your facebook friend starts playing The Sims FreePlay and visits the Party Boat, they will become your neighbor.

To connect with friends from Game Center, simply visit the Account Manager in the Settings Menu, make sure that you’re logged in, and visit the Party Boat.

Gifts appear in the Party Boat every 24 hours, so be sure to check in often! The more neighbors you have, the more daily gifts you unlock.

Sims FreePlay Party Boat

Social Points (SP)

Social Points are earned by completing Social Tasks in your friends’ towns. Social Points can be used to buy new and exclusive items in the Home Store.

Aging and marriage

Sims need to be romantic partners before proposing marriage. Upon selecting “Propose Marriage” from the interactions list, you will need to choose a ring. Deciding on a cheaper engagement ring could cause the Sim to reject the proposal, so choose wisely! Once your Sims are engaged, additional romantic interactions between those two Sims will allow them to get married.

To have a baby, buy a crib from the Nursery section in the Home Store and place it in the house of a married couple. You must also have a spare spot in your town to add a Sim. Tap on the crib to add a baby and let the Stork do the rest!

Toddlers are a lot of fun to have around: they play hide and seek, stomp around the house in dinosaur costumes, give your Sims plenty of hugs and much, much more. However, toddlers can’t reach the sink to wash their hands, open fridges, have showers or leave the house without someone older being there to keep a watchful eye. To perform tasks such as feeding or bathing, they need to be accompanied by an adult or Senior. Oh and if you haven’t already got a bath, you should probably get one! Toddlers love baths!

Preteens earn pocket money and XP by going to elementary school. The better their grade average, the more they earn. Preteens can also take up ballet or karate at the Community Center and unlock new objects in the Home Store.

Teenagers earn pocket money and XP by going to high school. The better their class ranking, the more they earn. One Teenager may also participate in the Teen Idol Hobby to become famous.

Seniors earn money by gardening and going to the bingo hall where they have the chance of winning big! Seniors move more slowly than their younger Sim counterparts but can also participate in hobbies that are unique to them such as quilting and bird feeding.

If you want a baby to age, all you need is a birthday cake. Simply have one of your Sims interact with the baby and select ‘Have Birthday’. Obviously you can’t have a birthday without birthday cake, so make sure you bake one on the stove before the big event! Toddlers and Preteens are aged in the same way, but to do so you must first complete the ‘Preparing for Preteens’ and ‘Teenagers’ quests respectively (attained at levels 15 and 18). To age Sims to Seniors you must complete the ‘Seniors’ quest which is available from level 23.

Age Control
The Age Control is unlocked once Sims begin aging automatically after completing the “Life Dreams & Legacies” quest unlock from level 26 onwards. You can use the Age Control to reset a Sims age back to the start of their current age group or accelerate them to the next one using LP. Find it under the Age Control tab.


Weather, cars, pets and more

Changing the weather
Change the weather in your Sims houses by purchasing a Weather Machine from the Electronics section of the Home Store and placing it on the lawn of one of your Sims houses. The Weather Machine is unlocked during the ‘An Alien Concept: Weather Machines’ quest which is attained at level 16. Some items are incompatible with certain weather types and will be sent to your inventory when you change the weather. Also, some Sim interactions are incompatible with certain types of weather and may be forced to cancel their current actions.

Build the Car Yard to buy cars for your Sims. Cars let your Sims go for drives; a great way to earn Simoleons and Lifestyle Points. The better the car, the more you will earn!

Build the Pet Shop and you’ll be able to buy cats and dogs for your Sims! Some cats and dogs bought from the Pet Shop have elite treasure hunting skills that helps them sniff out even more valuable goodies.

Want to show off your interior decorating skills or share hilarious pictures of your Sims? Simply tap the camera icon to take photos and share them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

To build a new house, simply select an empty residential plot of land on the town map and select the type of house you wish to build. Parts of Sim Town are more expensive than others due to their prestigious location on the water among the palm trees and larger pieces of land. These houses may take longer to save up for, but they are worth it if you are looking to start a large family or live a life of luxury.

You can make Sims move in to the same house by tapping “Ask to Move in” from the interactions menu on Sims that are good friends, best friends, partners, or engaged. Make sure the Sim who owns the house is the one performing the interaction… otherwise your Sims might move into the wrong house!

Once your two Sims are living together, you might have a spare house. Don’t worry – new and existing Sims can move in to empty houses. Simply select an empty house on the Town Map and choose which Sim you’d like to move in!


Woodworking hobby
Tap the “Look Upstairs” button at the Community Center to show the 2nd floor, then tap on a workbench to start woodworking. The more your Sims practice, the more woodworking items they will create. Be warned: sometimes the Sims’ creations turn into living dolls that try to escape through the windows. When this happens, guide the doll to your Sim by tapping the doll to make it change directions. Woodworking benches can also be purchased for Sims homes in the ‘Promotions ‘R’ Us’ store once the hobby items have all been collected.

Fishing hobby
Go to the lake and tap the fishing rod on the pier to go fishing. If your Sim is dragged into the water by a large fish, simply tap it as it dives out of the water. Your Sim might even be rewarded with a rare fish! Catch all the fish to win a special prize! ST

Figure skating hobby
Go to the Snow Park and tap on the Ice Hockey Rink to take up the figure skating hobby.

Diving hobby
Your Sims can practice Diving at the Swimming Center. The better your Sim is at diving, the more rewards they’ll earn. Find all the diving medals to unlock the ability to place diving boards at home.

Surfing hobby
Once the Surfing Kiosk is unlocked at the Public Beach, Teen and Adult Sims can participate in the surfing hobby on 6 different boards that will unlock progressively as you work through the hobby.

Fashion design hobby
Purchase a Fashion Studio from Promotions ‘R’ Us on the Town Map, then place the studio in your Sim’s house. When your Sim has finished designing, tap the Sim’s inspired ideas to help them complete the outfit!

Ghost hunting hobby
Purchase ‘spooky furniture’ from the Home Store then select that spooky furniture to ‘search for ghosts’. Once your Sim finds a ghost, be sure to catch it by tapping on it at least 3x before it flies away!

The more ghosts you find, the more rewards you’ll receive, so keep searching!

If you have trouble finding some of the rarer ghosts, try adding more Spooky Furniture to your house. The more Spooky Furniture you put in your house, the more the lights will flicker and the more rare ghosts will be attracted to your house! Spooky Furniture is marked with a ghost icon in the Home Store. Also, don’t forget to level-up your Sim’s ghost hunting abilities. The better they are at finding ghosts, the more ghosts they’ll be able to find!

Teen Idol hobby
The Teen Idol hobby is unlocked upon completion of the ‘The Road to Fame’ quest which is attained at level 20. The Teen Idol Hobby can only be undertaken by one Teenaged Sim, since it represents them being the most famous Sim in Sim Town.

Once they take up the hobby, they can use special instruments to unlock ‘notes’. They can collect all the notes to complete the whole set which represents a finished song. Certain notes can only be unlocked by certain instruments, which are indicated on the note icons in the hobby screen. Instruments with higher star ratings will allow your Sim to write music more quickly.

Quilting hobby
The Quilting Hobby is available on completion of the “In Stitches” quest which is unlocked at level 25 and is for senior Sims ONLY. After this time a quilting kit may be purchased from the ” Promotions ‘R’ Us Store on the town map. Complete each of the individual patches to create a finished quilt.

Bird feeding hobby
The Bird Feeding Hobby is only for senior Sims and is made available after completing the Bird Feeding quest available at level 24. Bird feeding is available at the park but by attracting different types of birds you will unlock bird feeding at the Swim Center, the Community Center and the Snow Park in that order.

Shell collecting hobby
This hobby is available for Toddlers and Preteens once the Public Beach is accessible on Mystery Island. Coming at different times of day will yield different shells! Try to find them all!

Snorkeling hobby
Once the Snorkel Hire Kiosk on the Public Beach is unlocked, Sims can go Snorkeling at 3 different diving spots along the shore to discover a wide range of oceanic artifacts!

Cooking hobby
Complete the “Bread Winner” quest available from level 7 to unlock the cooking hobby. The Cooking Hobby is accessible through any related cooking appliance including stoves, toasters, fridges and microwaves. Tap on the object and choose the ‘Cooking’ menu then choose a recipe to make. Each recipe is locked via both hobby level, and owning different appliances of various levels. Meet these requirements to unlock the recipe. Sims with higher cooking hobby levels can make more plates of food for other sims to eat at any one time. After making a meal, tap the plate and choose the ‘call to meal’ action to have all unoccupied Sims in the scene come and try to take a plate of food.

Arcade gamer hobby
Once the Ice Ape Arcade on Mystery Island has been unlocked, Teenage Sims can hit 6 different arcade games and try to get the high scores on each one!

Pinball hobby
When the Pinball Area of the Ice Ape Arcade has been unlocked, Adult and Senior Sims can compete for high scores on 6 different Pinball Machines!

Skill Tester hobby
Once the Skill Tester area of the Ice Ape Arcade is unlocked, Preteen Sims can try their luck with various Skill Tester machines to win an assortment of stuffed toys. Go for them all!

Salsa dancing hobby
Unlocked after completing the “Dance to Remember” quest, Salsa dancing allows couples to dance together in a Latin style.

Breakdancing hobby
This style of dancing is unlocked by completing the Salsa dancing hobby, and allows Sims to dancing is a wild street style.

The Mysterious Island, Monuments and Life Dreams

The Mysterious Island
The Mysterious Island is a special area that your Sims can visit or live on. To access the Mysterious Island, you must reach level 10 and complete tasks from ‘The Mysterious Island’ quest until you have built the Bridge. You can then tap the Bridge’s icon to travel to the Island, or use the regular town map button which now has an option to travel to the Island. The Island contains new housing lots, houseboats, special monuments, and a volcano!

Monuments are a special type of structure on The Mysterious Island that can be upgraded to provide a unique bonus to all of your Sims. To begin upgrading Monuments, you must first complete ‘The Mysterious Island’ quest which is attained at level 10. Monuments are then upgraded using special resources that are found randomly by doing interactions such as gardening, baking, careers, or using regular objects. Some Monuments are locked to specific player levels, so you must reach the relevant level to build those monuments. Monuments also provide a major boost and a visual improvement at upgrade levels 5, 15, and 25.

The Famous Sim Town Sign
The Famous Sim Town Sign is a special type of monument, similar to the ones found on The Mysterious Island. It is unlocked upon completion of the ‘The Road to Fame’ quest. Once unlocked, special resources can be found by doing any actions in Sim Town. These resources are used to upgrade the sign to higher levels. The sign provides special Simoleon bonuses occasionally while collecting revenue from the town map. The more it is upgraded, the larger the bonus.

Houseboats are a special type of housing lot that can be found on The Mysterious Island. They can be purchased with Social Points, and can be unlocked through the upgrading of Island Monuments. Once a houseboat is built, you can build on it just like a regular housing lot.

The Volcano
The Mysterious Island has a big, dormant Volcano on it. The Volcano can be activated by reaching the final visual level of all four Island Monuments (Level 25). To find out what happens when the Volcano activates, you’ll just have to try it for yourself!

Simoleon Sprout
The Simoleon Sprout is a special plant that is unlocked by completing the ‘Money Grows on Trees?’ quest which is attained at level 7. When planted, you immediately get to play a chance based game to win variable Simoleon rewards. Once played, the plant is not available for 4 hours but can be played again immediately for Lifestyle Points.

The Cycle of life
Complete the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest available from level 26 to unlock the cycle of life! The cycle of life allows your Sims to age by themselves, naturally and gracefully without having to bake birthday cakes. After completing the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest, you will be able to reset the age of your Sim, or skip to their birthday early via the Age Controller menu.

Life Dreams
Complete the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest on level 26 and you will gain the ability to give Sims special personalities. These personalities give your Sims new personality-specific interactions in Sim Town as well as Life Dreams to pursue. Only a certain amount of the Life Dreams bar can be completed per age group. When you reach your limit for the current age, advance your Sim to the next phase of life to unlock the next segment. The older your Sim gets, the more of the Life Dreams bar they can complete. Completing Life Dreams will eventually reward your happy, fulfilled Sim with a Life Orb.

Life Orbs
Fulfil your Sims’ Life Dreams, available after the ‘Life Dreams & Legacies’ quest has been completed to gain access to Life Orbs. Life Orbs can be upgraded from bronze to silver, gold, and platinum by simply passing the Life Orb onto another Sim after passing to the afterlife.

Spell Casting

Spell Casting
Complete The Book of Spells quest to unlock the Spell Casting hobby. The Spell Casting hobby can be accessed through items bought from the Sorcerous Supply store. Simply buy an item (such as the spell casting podium), and place it in a home lot. Then, action it and it will initialize or continue the Spell Casting hobby.

Broomstick Flying hobby
Once the Sorcerous supply building has been built on the town map, you may purchase items related to flying on a broom stick. Once purchased, they will appear in the “Inventory” tab of the Home Store. By placing a related item (such as a broomstick closet) inside one of your homes, you may then action it to start the Broomstick Flying hobby.

Pet dragons
The pet dragon appears in the pet store once it has been unlocked. Once bought, they appear on an empty tile on a house lot as a dragon egg. This egg will take time to hatch, or you can choose to use LP to speed up its incubation process.

Sorcerous Supplies
This building appears on the south western portion of Sim Town, and offers access to the “Book of Spells” quest. It also opens up both the broomstick flying and spell casting hobbies, as well as wizard themed items inside its store.

Shopping mall

Shopping mall
The shopping mall is a new area inside of Sim Town which contains a variety of clothing stores for all types of Sims. In total, it includes over 500 new clothing items. By questing through it, a player will also unlock the modelling and bowling hobbies, as well as a burger bar and smoothie stand.

Burger bar
Located inside of the mall, the burger bar is a limited time prize for the mall quest, and an opportunity for Sims to relax together and enjoy a mouth-watering burger.

Smoothie bar
Located inside of the mall, the smoothie stand is an opportunity for Sims to relax together while drinking delicious and nutritious smoothies together.

Modelling hobby
The modelling hobby is unlocked during the mall quest, and allows Sims to strut their stuff on the catwalks.

Bowling hobby
The bowling hobby is unlocked during the mall quest, and allows player to practice their bowling skills.


A royal castle can now be found on the Mysterious Island where you will have access to royal costumes and be able to issue royal decrees from the throne. Complete the Royal Lineage quest to enter the incredible Northern Glade Castle.