The Mysterious Island quest – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

You can start The Mysterious Island quest on level 10. This mision unlocks the mystery island where you can build more home, house boats and unlock new lots like the stables and the Northern Glade Castle.

– Complete this quest to unlock The Mystery Island.
– Complete this quest within the time limit to unlock an Island Sentinel Replica!

1. Watch the news (TV, 4 minutes and 30 seconds**).

The Mysterious Island quest - Globe
2. Find the Mysterious Island on a Globe (Find The Mystery Island, 1 minute and 30 seconds). Note: The World Globe can be found in the decorations section of the Home Store.
3. Download Bridge Schematics on a computer (8 minutes***, 9 minutes**).

The Mysterious Island quest - letter box
4. Post Bridge Schematics using a letter box (1 second). You can find a letter box in front of any of your Sims houses.
5. Call the Construction Team on a phone (14 minutes**).
6. Watch ‘Found’ on a TV (17 minutes**).
7. Drink Herbal Tea (1 minute and 48 seconds**). Note: You can buy a tea pot in the kitchen section of the Home Store
8. Call the Construction Team on a phone (14 minutes**).
9. Bake croissants (18 hours).

The Mysterious Island bridge
10. Build the Mysterious Island Bridge. You can find it on the coast of Sim Town on your town map.

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