The Sunset Mall – The Sims FreePlay walkthrough

The Sunset Mall is ready for construction! Build the Mall today to gain access to:
– ‘The Sunset Mall’ quest
– Over a dozen NEW clothing stores for your Sims
– Catwalk Modelling and 10 Pin Bowling Hobbies
– Places to eat and hang out

Finish the Sunset Mall quest to complete the Mall! Host to over a dozen stores, hundreds of clothing items, and two new hobbies!
Complete this quest within the time limit and the gourmet burger bar “Pickle Sauce” will open upstairs. It’s a great place inside the Sunset Mall for both teens and adults to hang out at!

The Sunset Mall Walkthrough
1. Send a Sim to the Mall.
2. Buy something from the Mall Store.
3. Send your Sim home.
4. Invite a Date to the new Mall (8 minutes).
5. Summon Courage. Tap on a couch and choose ‘Summon Courage’! (12 hours and 30 minutes)
6. Invite a Date to the new Mall (5 minutes).
7. Send 2 Sims to the Mall

sims freeplay mall quest
8. Investigate Strange Noise (10 hours and 30 minutes)

sims freeplay mall quest
9. Introduce your Sim to the robot (10 minutes).
10. Leave the Mall.
11. Have 2 Sims Watch the News (4 minutes).
12. Ask another Sim to return to the Mall (2 hours and 30 minutes).
13. Remind Sim about shopping (3 hours and 30 minutes).
14. Watch Self-Defence on TV (11 hours).
15. Send 2 Sims to the Park.

sims freeplay mall quest
16. Have a Sim Go Running. Tap the park statue and choose ‘Go Running’. (11 hours and 30 minutes).
17. Send 2 Sims to the Mall.
18. Clear boxes. Tap the boxes to the left of the mall entrance, and choose ‘Clear’. (2 hours and 30 minutes)
19. Talk to the Robot (25 minutes).
20. Suggest a prop (2 hours and 40 minutes).
21. Suggest an animal (5 hours and 30 minutes).

sims freeplay mall quest
22. Perform an act (7 hours and 30 minutes).

sims freeplay mall quest
23. Talk to Sim (15 minutes).
24. Shut down the “Lasers”. Tap the flashing light and choose ‘Switch Off’. (1 minute)

sims freeplay mall quest
sims freeplay mall quest
25. Distract the robot and switch off the “Lasers” (5 hours and 30 minutes + 2 seconds) (click on the wind-up dog).
26. Investigate the robot (15 minutes).

sims freeplay mall quest
27. Investigate the robot head (10 minutes).

sims freeplay mall quest
28. Build a new store (1 hour + § 1000).
29. Browse the new store. Tap on the store directory at the front of the mall to browse their selection
30. Cheer with another Sim (1 minute).