Sleepwear Event – The Sims FreePlay walkthrough

Each time you complete the Modelling Hobby within the time limit, you’ll receive a limited-edition sleepwear pack! Collect all five!

Sims FreePlay Sleepwear Event

1. Build the Sunset Mall.
2. Complete the “Sunset Mall” Quest.
3. Repair the 1st area of Sunset Mall.
4. Build The 2nd Sunset Mall Area.
5. Build The Catwalk At The Mall.

Sims FreePlay Sleepwear Event
6. Perform a Modelling Pose (3 hours and 15 minutes).
7. Complete 12 Modelling Poses. Perform a set of 12 different modelling poses. (reward: first set)
8. Complete a 2nd Modelling Pose Set. (reward: second set)
9. Complete a 3rd Modelling Pose Set. (reward: third set)
10. Complete a 4th Modelling Pose Set. (reward: fourth set)
11. Complete a 5th Modelling Pose Set (reward: fifth set)

Tip: You can also perform modelling poses in your neighbors town if they have built the mall. This way you can let two Sims perform modelling poses at the same time.