Raiders of the Lost Artifacts – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Complete the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts quest to begin uncovering the secrets of the Monuments. Complete this quest within the time limit to find the Treasure Chest (which contains resources for monuments, LP, SP and Simoleons)!

1. Go to the Mysterious Island.

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts - Monument
2. Tap on a Monument.
3. Read the Big Book of Stuff (21 hours and 30 minutes**)
4. Leftovers from a Fridge (18 seconds**).
5. Search for Artifacts in the Garbage (8 minutes and 30 seconds). Note: To search through garbage, you first have to have a Sim kick the bin over in front of any Sim’s house.
6. Find the third Artifact. Note: Artifacts are found randomly upon completion of any regular Sim actions such as using objects, baking, or gardening.
7. Upgrade The Riches of Terra monument to level 1.

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