Money Grows on Trees? – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Complete the “Money Grows on Trees?” quest to unlock the Simoleon Sprout. The Simoleon Sprout is a special plant that is unlocked by completing the ‘Money Grows on Trees?’ quest which is attained at level 7. When planted, you immediately get to play a chance based game to win variable Simoleon rewards. Once played, the plant is not available for 4 hours but can be played again immediately for Lifestyle Points.

Money Grows on Trees? Walkthrough
1. Grow some carrots. Have a Sim ‘Grow some Carrots’ in a garden patch (5 minutes).
2. Watch a Documentary (54 minutes).
3. Have a Double Shot of Coffee (1 minute). NOTE: If you need a coffee machine, they are in the ‘Kitchen’ tab of the Home Store.
4. Grow Watermelons (1 hour).
5. Grow a Simoleon Sprout (§ 250).

Sims FreePlay Simoleon Sprout

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