French Romance live event – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Everything you need to design a Romantic French getaway for your Sims! Collect craft items to unlock new prizes and choose the ones you want!

1. Place a Crafting Station. You progress in the “French Romance” Live Event by collecting arts and crafts items. You’ll need a crafting station for that! Go to the “Event Items” tab of the Home Store, and place a Candle Station in a home lot.

2. Make Some Arts and Crafts Items. Have a Sim make some candles from a Candle Station (10 + 23 seconds).

3. Restock a Crafting Station (10 seconds).

4. Buy the Mood lighting Pack (50 candles).

5. Use the Event Spin Flower. Constructor Coins are needed to get items in this event. The best way to earn them is with a ‘Coin Flower Patch’. Find one in the “Event Items” tab of the Home Store, and plant a Spin Flower on it!

6. Check the daily goals.

7. Collect bonuses. To collect arts and crafts items faster, check in regularly and tap the icons floating above your Sim’s head for a bonus! Have a Sim collect arts and crafts items from any crafting station, then wait a few minutes. When you see the icon above their head, tap it!

8. Continue Collecting Arts and Crafts Items.