DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Bree, the DIY Gal, has returned to town. Is she here to share her knowledge of balconies? Talk to her at the Community Center to find out!

Help Bree out with her new episode and she’ll thank you with:
– Amazing balconies to take your homes to a whole new level
– Outdoor staircases
– Complete the Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest within the time limit to gain access to luscious planters and decorative privacy screens!

DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Walkthrough
1. Say hello to Bree (2 minutes).
2. Ask Bree “What’s up” (5 minutes).
3. Watch a DIY Homes Marathon on a TV (10 hours).
4. Research competitors on a computer (research competing shows, 4 hours and 30 minutes).
5. Go to the DIY Home. Send a Sim to the DIY Home by calling a cab from any phone.
6. Brainstorm with Bree (45 minutes).
7. Have 2 Sims at the DIY Home.
8. Explain role to another Sim (15 minutes).

sims freeplay DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio quest
9. Examine the Cameras (10 hours and 30 minutes).
10. Have two Sims rehearse flirting (10 minutes).

11. Make out on a couch. Have two Sims use the ‘Make Out Couch’ in the basement of the DIY Home (16 minutes).
12. Have 2 Sims Waltz together. Tap on the stereo at the DIY Home and choose ‘Wait for Partner’. Then with another Sim choose ‘Waltz’ (21 hours and 30 minutes).
13. Court another Sim (7 hours and 30 minutes).
14. Kiss another Sim (3 seconds).
15. Hide behind a bed (12 minutes).
16. Chat with Grim (5 minutes).
17. Read the original play (24 hours).
18. Offer Grim a new role (5 minutes).
19. Act out the scene with Grim (10 hours and 30 minutes).
20. Re-shoot Kissing Scene (3 seconds).
21. Comfort Grim (10 hours and 30 minutes).
22. Email scenes to the network (35 minutes).
23. Build a balcony at home. Go to a home with two or more floors and open the Home Store to access balconies. Follow the instructions to build one.
24. Wrap things up with Bree (15 minutes).
25. Have all Sims Leave the DIY Home.

Congratulations! You can now build and customize balconies! Open the ‘Home Store’ and start building by following the instructions. Add your new outdoor staircases or new railings, and decorate your balcony just the way you like!