DIY Homes: Basement of Kings – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Bree, the DIY Gal, is back again! She may be here to build basements this time. Hurry up and talk to her at the Community Center!

Complete the DIY Homes: Basement of Kings quest and bring home:
– Spacious basements for all your underground plans.
– The iconic and majestic “DIY Home”- Basement-themed decorations.
– Complete this quest within the time limit to gain access to Bree’s superb mansion, the “DIY Home!”

Sims FreePlay basements

DIY Homes: Basement of Kings Walkthrough
1. Cheer up Bree (5 minutes).
2. Accompany Bree to the DIY Home. Tap on Bree to have a Sim accompany her to the DIY Home.
3. Check Simbook on a computer (14 minutes).
4. Vote obsessively on a computer (6 hours).
5. Join Bree for an Interview (1 day).
6. Study the Basement at the DIY Home (3 hours and 30 minutes).
7. Play with a pet at home (4 minutes).

Sims FreePlay basements pet treasure
8. Have a pet find 3 treasures. Tap your Sim’s pet and ask them to find a treasure. Do this 3 times.
9. Share knowledge with Bree (12 hours and 30 minutes).
10. Ask Bree about the Poll (5 minutes).
11. Grow Strawberries (1 day).
12. Make a Double Shot coffee (48 seconds).
13. Bring Food to Bree (12 hours and 30 minutes).
14. Tell a joke to Bree (2 minutes).

The Sims FreePlay Bree eating bug
Sometimes you can’t interact with Bree because she won’t stop eating. When this happens let all Sims leave the DIY home and quit and restart The Sims FreePlay. If that doesn’t work, try tapping on Bree. Eventually you can cancel the action (don’t spend LP, just cancel the action) and Bree’ll stop eating.

Sims FreePlay basements
15. Build a Basement. Head home and build a basement room. Open the Home Store to find the ‘Basement’ tab and instructions to build it!
16. Buy Furniture and Electronics (§ 8000).
17. Watch the Ultimate Movie Marathon on TV (19 hours).
18. Check in with Bree (5 minutes).
18. Hug Bree (2 minutes).
20. Have all Sims leave the DIY Home.
21. Pump up the fans on a computer (8 hours and 30 minutes).