Boutique Hair Event – Sims FreePlay

Boutique Hair has come to SimTown for a limited time! Make enough fashionable clothes within the time limit to collect the 9 different styles, and each comes in many colors!

Collect all 12 fashion garments with the Fashion Studio to earn one of 9 new Boutique Hair style for your Sims! Simply tap on the Fashion Studio found at the “Promotions R Us” store and choose an action to perform.

Boutique Hair Event - Sims FreePlay

– You can buy as much fashion studios as you like at the “Promotions R Us” store, so you can have more Sims working on this event.
– At least one Sim needs to be at level 6 of the fashion designer hobby to complete a collection.
– One collection = 12 fashion garments/pieces = one new hair style