Animal Onesie Event – The Sims FreePlay

The Animal Onesie Event is available for 7 days. Participate in the Animal Onesie Event to have a chance at getting up to six sets of dog and cat themed Onesies for your Sims! Make sure you have completed the “Puppy Odyssey” quest in order to participate in the Animal Onesie Event.

Each time you record all 12 internet kitten videos, you’ll receive one of six new Onesies for your Sims!

Use a Kitten Play Box from the “Promotions R Us” store to perform this hobby!

Tips: you can buy 3 kitten play boxes at the “Promotions R Us” store. You can also send one Sim to a neighbours town to perform this hobby (if they have a kitten play box).

Animal Onesie Event - The Sims FreePlay