A Quest for Toddlers – The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough

Complete a quest for toddlers and unlock the ability to celebrate an infant’s birthday and grow them into toddlers! Complete this quest within the time limit to unlock the Toddlers’ DRESS-UP CHEST!

1. Watch a documentary on TV (54 minutes**).
2. Watch “Sunflower Street” on TV (54 minutes**).
3. Change a Diaper (8 seconds).
4. Expand or Create a Room.

A Quest for Toddlers - dollhouse
5. Buy a Dollhouse from the Children’s Store (§ 7000).
6. Have a Fancy Coffee (4 minutes and 30 seconds**, 5 minutes*).

A Quest for Toddlers - Globe
7. Study Geography on a Globe (12 hours).

A Quest for Toddlers - contemplate life
8. Contemplate Life at the Lake (8 minutes and 30 seconds). Go to the park lake, tap on the ducks, and contemplate life.

A Quest for Toddlers - thinking man statue
9. Ask Statue in Park for Advice (3 minutes).
10. Stare at the Park Statue (4 seconds).
11. Get Serious Advice from the Park Statue (1 day).
12. Dance to a Stereo (2 minutes and 42 seconds**).